Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's Sunday, again...

I have had some time to think about my days and how I fill them. Or, rather, how I SHOULD fill them! There are some things I need to do. I need to lose 10lbs by March and then I'd love to lose another 10 by June. My wardrobe consists of random tops that I have either gotten as gifts or hand-me-downs from friends MANY years ago; or, that I bought in a moment of weakness and actually allowed money to leave my pocketbook for a $5 top (also MANY years ago). My daily look is either one of my 2 pairs of jeans (one pair I bought, one pair I got from my much taller sister who could not wear them as they are to short for her...though they still drag the ground when I wear them) or the cargo pants from the same sister (same story on the length). My tops are your basic tees, long-sleeved tees, and generally these days I throw one of my sweaters over for warmth. Luckily I got a bunch of socks for Christmas, too, since every pair I own is in need of repair or way beyond any point of repair.
The point? Well, I have been trying to shake the last 20 pounds I'd like to not carry around anymore and don't want to waste money on new clothes until said day. So, once I lose the weight, I would love some new clothes. Of course, I don't mean, 'shiny and new, straight from the manufacturer'...I have always been a second-hand store girl. In high school I would buy $3 suits from the local thrift shop and split the slacks to make a skirt. Thinking back...I never dressed as the other girls at my tiny school (125 in my graduating class...3500 people in my town); but, not one of them EVER made fun of me for it. I often got comments like, 'you're style is so unique'. I actually feel like being an overweight child helped me in finding my own style,since I wasn't able to fit into the 'popular' styles at the time. (Plus, money was always a factor in school shopping.) WOW...I'm off topic AGAIN!
What this all means, of course, is that I need to start working out again. No more excuses. I will just have to be careful of my shoulder and neck...and I have a feeling it will get worked out in the process.
We are also planning on a Las Vegas trip for Thanksgiving this year. At our wedding, I wore lace up black suede pants (trousers for the European readers out there), silvery tank top, and sparkly black heels. This time, for our vow renewal, I would like to wear a pretty dress. It is strange...I feel like Hubby is more into the vow renewal thing, but I feel like this is my chance to have a more normal wedding. I LOVED our wedding, don't get me wrong. It was super fun, and so low key. But, I have not been wearing my engagement ring for weeks because one of the stones came loose and I didn't want to lose it. Yesterday, I finally took it to the jeweler and am wearing it again. It was almost like getting engaged again, since Hubby keeps talking about Vegas. I am such a wacko, that I want to go buy a bride magazine so I can pick out a dress and start planning this trip. Dumb, I know, but sometimes, when you are just plugging along in your life, it gets stale and you need a reminder that it's not just about work and paying bills and getting by. And, since this is our life, we can make our own rules about what is normal, right!?

I did manage to list two new items in my Etsy shop in the last couple days.
This really cute card I made out of my handmade paper.
And, this journal. I am in the process of using some of my paper pulp to make some beads. What I will do with them (sell them as supplies or make jewelry), I'm not sure yet.

This week, I PROMISE MYSELF, I get crackin' on ...well, anything other than sitting around doing nothing!!


  1. i could make you a dress if you wanted to. just let me know. we can do measurements and fittings while working on the 'Cuda. lol i told woki yesterday that you "invited" us to vegas with you guys to get married and at this point anything cheap works for him. lol he actually seemed like it was a good idea. i think his head cold was clouding his thought process and didn't realize what he was doing. ttyl

  2. Ooh! What fun!!! There is nothing dumb about being happy and in love and wanting to plan a party about it. Also, I'm glad you get some good wear out of those pants! I don't know what I was thinking when I bought them. :P

  3. goo hard with shaking those few extra pounds! im right there with you and im pretty sure i can do it this year and so can you :-)

    p.s. I wish you had worn lace up suede pants(or knickers) to your wedding that would have been hilarious.