Saturday, January 9, 2010

this has to stop

I have been doing so little these last two weeks. Despite only having to work Mondays and Tuesdays since after Christmas Weekend, I have gotten absolutely nothing done!
How is it that I can't pull myself together to make things? Or workout? Or even do a complete top to bottom, scrub-a-dub type cleaning of my house? I was going to use my extra time to 'get it together', but instead, I have been doing the bare minimum, as usual.
The house is clean, but I could do more.
I do some serious physical labor at my job, but that's just 2 days a week.
My regular errands (bank, shopping, dump runs) are getting done, but with all this extra time I could've completely cleaned out my basement.
Of course, I have had a few random things thrown in: the infamous neck issue (which gets better then worse...still not gone) that had me practically bedridden for the first week (oh, maybe that was the problem?); New Year's Eve; sister's birthday party; dad's trip to Rhode Island. And I also drove out to my Plan B job prospect, drove up and down the road and never was able to find the I just went about my other errands and went home. I guess I am hoping the other job comes through. If not, then I'll really have to hit the streets.
Mother-in-law sent us some extra money she had at the end of the year (she does this so that she can give us a gift while also avoiding tax payments on her inheritance). Hubby and I have not had a fun trip in a long time. We don't do a lot, but we are not the type to just work to pay the bills and regret our lives, so we are planning a 10th Wedding Anniversary trip to Las Vegas this year. MIL's gift goes right into that fund.
Still waiting on my Veterinary books I ordered. My class starts in about a week and a half. Going back and forth with whether or not I want to take the next step in this 'career', I have to say that signing up for the class and getting positive feedback from my boss has pushed me closer to wanting to go the next step and being excited about it.
Sis and I are moving forward with the car but having a hell of a time deciding on a name for the blog. We are hoping to meet up next week to discuss it. Luckily we have until the spring thaw to begin work. Unfortunately we have to wait til the spring thaw to begin work!

Well, Hubby is stirring so it is time to get dressed for our Saturday morning coffee and walk in the the beach. Life on Cape Cod really is amazing sometimes. I'm not like Hubby in that I 'need' to be near the water; but, being able to go to the beach whenever I feel like it...and no matter what time of year, it is always a true gift.

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