Thursday, January 28, 2010


Okay, so since my blog is titled 'the little things that make me happy', I'm going to share some happy thoughts today. Of course, they are personal, but they are happy.
1. I'm working again, full-time, and I believe (though it's only been one day) that I have finally found a place that will relieve some of the stress of 'getting older' and needing a plan for the future. The company I am working for is very good to it's employees, and thought I have had jobs in the past that I enjoyed, none ever made me feel like working there was in any way preparing me for the future. Can you say 'nest egg'? I believe I can finally start to picture mine!
2. I am working on another blog. Sort of with my sister, but mostly it's me right now. It is just record of our experiences restoring a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda. We haven't actually been able to start working on it, but I was eager to get the blog up. I've been posting little tidbits on it just to keep it 'alive' until spring comes and we can begin work. I was excited to get our first 'official' follower a few weeks into the blog. BUT today, I can barely contain my excitement over our first comment!! It is very strange how it never gets old...getting comments, seeing that people 'out there' are living there lives, but can so easily become a part of yours. It makes the world a little smaller...a little cozier.
3. I'm not a political person by any means. Often I have no idea what anybody is talking about, but our President makes me want to believe that we can fix what's broken and we don't just have to sit around and wait for the world to blow itself up. And that's as far as I go with political discussions.
4. I have today off!!!
5. I am planning on getting back into the studio today. I was going to try to get together with Steph and maybe clean up the car a bit, but I feel like I need today. I have some studying to do, and I actually am feeling the urge to be creative today, so I don't dare waste it!
6. I went out after work last night for beer and wings, with a friend from the job I recently left. It was so nice to get out...because it would've been so like me to say, 'you know, I'm just really tired from work. Let's reschedule.' It was nice to catch up...she's happy, and that makes me happy. We talked about crafting, too, since she had taken a paper making class while in her first years of college and feels like giving it another go. She also said her mother is 'obsessed' with my etsy shop and tells all of her friends to check it out. She's so sweet!
7. I got a nice little gift bag from a co-worker this week. I picked something up for her at a store that was totally out of her way. It normally wouldn't be convenient for me either, but I had to go that way for my dad, so it wasn't a big deal. But she wanted to do something nice for me in return, so Monday morning there was a bag with 3 kinds of those International Coffees, a coffee mug, and some white chocolate macadamia nut cookies! Really sweet...the cookies didn't last long!
8. Getting through the Veterinary Terminology text is proving to be very difficult for me. But I am enjoying the frustration of learning again. I believe it will keep my brain from turning to mush, at least.
9. I have been clipping more nails, helping with more x-rays, and helping a little more with fluids and pre-surgery type tasks at still makes me a little nervous, but the technicians I work with are ALL great.
10. I am off to get coffee with Hubby before he shuffles of to work...a job he finally enjoys!

I hope everybody has a GREAT day!


  1. You've been busy! I remember reading about the car you are restoring. Where is that blog?
    It's always nice to help someone out, even if you don't get anything in return, but receiving coffee and cookies works for me :)

  2. The car blog is:
    So far it's just more of my ramblings as we haven't actually been able to start work on it.
    Thanks for your interest though...i'm hoping it will become a more tantilizing read once we can actually get in and get our hands dirty!

  3. so many things to be happy about! your restoration project sounds great. I know most people would tell me not to, but one of my biggest dreams is to restore a beautiful old villa in the countryside somewhere. loads of hardwork but imagine the end result! im glad you've found a great new job :-)