Friday, January 1, 2010

It's here

Day one of the new year.
Our night out was fun. We had a delicious dinner and cocktails with friends. We listened to some fun live music of our friends' band. And we left for home around 12:30 this morning.
I don't have much in the way of 'nightlife clothes', but I do like to dress for special occasions. Normally, I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl, but sometimes I get the urge to 'show a little leg'. I also have my cute fuzzy jacket that has a small window in which I can wear it. This year, I have worn it often, but it's so damn cute, I can't help it. So I just wore my same ol' black dress with the pink swirly flowers over my new 3/4 sleeve black tee with ruffled collar that my mother-in-law sent me for Hanuka this year, my fuzzy jacket and my ass-kickin' boots. And here's how sad my wardrobe really is: the jacket I snagged when we were getting rid of a bunch of my grandmother's things and I was the only one narrow enough in the shoulders to wear it; the dress I bought at a discount clothing store so long ago, I can even remember the occasion for which I got it; and the boots were a 'gift' from Hubby that he bought for me I think before we were married (9 years??) after I said how badly I wanted them but did not want to spend $65. I have certainly gotten my money's worth of those bits!!

Anyway, as I said, dinner with friends was fun, but I had planned on having more 'fun'. It ended up me and 'the boys' while our friend Terri danced with her daughter. I wasn't feelin' the groove thing last night. I didn't have nearly enough to drink, or for some reason it wasn't having it's usual affect, and it wasn't really a 'dance floor' type venue. I even had a couple pre-outing cocktails at home! There was one woman who I'm pretty sure would've just hit me eventually anyway, the way she was spinning and flailing. I did see a girl I used to work with and Hubby saw some of his co-workers from the job he just left, so it was nice to be a part of the community while ringing in the new year.

My one major the time midnight rolled around, Hubby and I were drinking coffee. We toasted the new year with coffee...I just feel like there wasn't enough of the 'celebration' aspect of a year end party. Today: I look for a bottle of champagne!

I am EAGER to get this year going, now. I want to start my class, start working on the car (maybe I can even figure out how to fix my own!), make some more paper, and really focus on doing more to make me happy.


  1. Hoorah! Now those are some grand resolutions, girlie! *~_^*

  2. I almost feel as thought there wasn't a whole to celebrate for last 2009. It was a rough year for most and pretty much everyone I talked to was glad that it was over. Maybe you guys felt the same without so many words. So resolutions are still great and don't spoil the beginning of what could be a better year by focusing on how crappy the last night of a so so year celebration was. Put this way, at least you were out with hubby and a few friends instead od in you pjs blogging like me. ;) Happy New Year! And I do mean happy! I can't wait to start our car project!

  3. wow, two girls and a cuda this I GOTTA see!