Friday, January 22, 2010

my news to round out the week

Carting Dad around the past couple of weeks has ended. He had to spend the night at the hospital Wednesday night, so I ended up with an extra trip out to pick him up the next day. When I dropped him back at home he handed me his Cd collection so that I could snag his Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, Black Sabbath, and other such non-related music that I had wanted. I am in the process of copying the Cd's now (don't tell...) and figured I could use the time to write another uninteresting blog about my boring little world (which I am happy to live in!).
WARNING: the rest of this blog ended up being me crying about personal issues...continue reading at your own risk...
I was happy to take care of Dad for a few days lately. It's not like I was doing anything else and it was probably nice for Steph to get a break (though, I was doing it because she was working). But now that I have been thrown into it a little, I am riddled with emotion. For one, I hate seeing my father confined to a wheelchair and not being able to sign his name properly due to his poor vision and crinkled up arthritic hand. Secondly, he and my mother are rubbish with finances and now he is stuck in a financially sticky situation. I think that alimony is the biggest scam going, and I hate that he has to pay any. I love my mother, don't get me wrong. We are great friends and I miss her since she has moved back to Michigan. However, she works, gets pension checks from a past job, and has a considerably lower cost of living than Dad. Yet she still takes his money every month. But, it's none of my business...until Dad needs hundreds of dollars worth of medications due to his surgery which is not covered by his VA stuff (I'm not clear on all that goes on in the medical world...I also am not a fan of the health cars system) because it was done by a 'civilian' doctor instead of a VA doctor! So who pays for that when he has no money in his account until his check comes at the end of the month? Yep, me. Not that I minded doing it, and he was definitely grateful that i was able to help, but I shouldn't have had to. I thought maybe my mother would be kind hearted and give up her alimony check this month to help. She said of course she would send me some money...but maybe have dad up the alimony check until she gets her money back!! Never mind, if Dad's gonna have to pay me back, then I guess that's how it will go. I really thought she'd be nice about this, but I was wrong.
Of course none of this matters in the grand scope of things. I was able to help. I'll get my money back. Mom will get her money back. And that's just the way it will be, I guess.

(sorry about the personal info...)

I actually had a super fulfilling experience while hanging out at Dad's waiting for the call to pick him up. He has a cutie pie shelter dog that is part Pekingese and who knows what else. His name is Mr. Chin due to his adorably ugly under bite.
He has very long hair and very long nails.
I brought my doggy nail trimmers to see if he would let me trim his nails. Not really sure how he would react I was pleasantly surprised when he just stood there letting my do my thing. On the very last foot, he gave me the tiniest little growl. I stopped, patted his head, and tried again...with no more protest from him. As if that wasn't enough to make me proud of myself and the skills I have taken from my job, I also got him to eat a dog treat! He eats nothing. And is very picky about dog food. But I made it a little game and he ate it up. I fell in love with him!
And speaking of my job and new skills...I have already started to learn new things in my online class. We don't see a lot of rabbits and small 'exotics' so I don't really know how to handle them, but my lesson today will tell me!

So, now that my Cd's are done, I'm going to sit back with my 'school' work and start learning!!

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