Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Need to kill more time

Only working 2 days a week has been interesting, to say the least. Each week I wonder how on Earth I will fill 5 days of non-work. And so far it has gone...well, it has gone. The first week was taken up by several days glued to my heating pad and high on ibuprofen (and, I'm not gonna lie, a bit of wine) due to a very sore neck and back.
The next week I suffered a day of 'I don't want to clean the house or do chores' so I did some basic stuff that couldn't be put off. Then a trip to Rhode Island for my dad was thrown in. A trip into town to see about a job I had applied for AND a trip further out for a different job. That one didn't quite go as planned. I drove 30 minutes, couldn't find the place, and drove back home. But that's okay, as I was told my first choice job was going to be calling me this week.
Which brings me to THIS week. Tuesday I got a call to set up an interview. I was also asked by my current boss if I could work Thursday this week. I had already made plans to help my dad with his appointment, since my sister is having a procedure done that will make her unable to lift dad's wheelchair for a couple days. Today, I was supposed to take dad to another appointment, but that one was thankfully postponed, so I have set my interview for this afternoon. Which leaves me now with only Friday to fill...maybe I will be able to celebrate a new job?
Today, since I have to keep busy until 1 or so (interview at 2), I have cleaned the kitchen and bathroom (again), took an extra long shower, fixed my computer (my CD/DVD drive has been missing from my computer for months...I finally figured out how to get it back!), and, yes, watched a bit of TV while eating my pancakes. Now I'm typing up this pointless blog post to kill a little more time. And I'd like to clip Moxie's nails but I hate to wake her for that...she hates it so.
Maybe I'll copy some of my old Cd's to my computer. Or maybe I should figure out what to wear to my interview...I hate interviews and I can't wait for this to be over!

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