Wednesday, January 6, 2010

still being lazy

I have been down right non-existent in the outside world since leaving my job. It is both fulfilling and dreadful. A strange mix, to be sure; but, that is the constant duality of my life and personality.
I am in a place in my life where I need to find a part-time job, but in a place in the world (like many others!) where there are few jobs to snatch up. Our local paper has approximately 3 new job listings each Sunday. These generally replace the 3 from the week before, so there are rarely more than a handful of jobs from which to choose. Lately, they are not even jobs in our area, but instead they are for one of the neighboring islands...for summer help at the inns and restaurants. I feel like I am just biding my time until our fav grocery store calls me for an interview, but that could be weeks...if they even decide to call. I am hoping to stop in sometime this week to 'check in' and remind them of my face.
In the meantime, I am almost completely free of my past back/neck/shoulder 'kinks'. A friend at work said, 'it's been a week now!' to which another friend said, '2 ibuprofen will do nothing. you need to take 800mg for relief.' That's FOUR pills!! I went through my youth with terrible headaches which I made manageable by popping aspirin constantly, until I was taking 4 at a time and barely getting any relief. As an adult I tried to eat better and fell in love with exercise. For years since that point, I have not had to take anything. And now 1 aspirin will usually do the trick for a headache. I couldn't imagine taking 4!! But the pain was so bad, Monday after work I took her advice. This was at about 6:30pm. I ate dinner and by 7:30 I was struggling to stay awake and was fast asleep by 7:45!! However, the next morning, I was virtually pain free!! So how long did that last? Well, until I bent down to get a puppy out of her cage, stood up, hit my head and wrenched my neck again from the surprise of the knock. I didn't want to take a bunch of pills first thing, so I just took 2 here and 2 there during the day.
Yesterday was my sister's 28th birthday. I was planning on going over to celebrate. So, I loaded my flask with some Jim Beam and headed over. Today, I have some lingering pain in my shoulder blade area, but I'm mostly better. Hubby had the poker gang over last night, too, so it wasn't like staying home was an option, since I wouldn't have been able to relax. So, instead, I got to have fun playing Rock Band and hanging with the sisters!
My partial unemployment is coming in handing tomorrow, too. Steph has tomorrow off and we are going to take a closer look at how we're going to get this Barracuda project going. That was the plan, anyway. Now it looks like we are going to be taking a trip to Rhode Island to take Dad to an appointment. I am glad she is able to go with me, though. I am NOT a traveler. Hubby is always the driver on trips and I rarely go anywhere. I often feel like going places but then decide that staying home is really what I'd rather do. Now if I can just get my a** moving on some art projects!! Especially since 2 weeks from now I will be back to studying. And once spring has sprung, there is the car project and back to gardening, and I REALLY need to get back on the workout wagon if I plan on dropping down a size by March! See, resolutions are so easy to figure's the follow through that really throws me for a loop!
I've been wondering if I should get my hair cut. I mean, it needs it. It grows out very puffy and it's turning into a mullet! Cash flow is an issue, and I've been thinking about growing it out again. But I really like it short! Usually I go with the basic short cut:
But, then again, I feel like something different is in order after having the same cut for several years. Maybe a LITTLE different but still easy to take care of?
Why am I spending the day looking at hairstyles? I don't know!


  1. That first picture was one of the three that I took to the haordresser when I got mine done! Haha! Don't forget, if you don't want to spend the money, I still have 55 dollars on a gift certificate for Beyond Beauty if you want to make the trip to Hyannis or Mashpee. Also, if you're feeling experimental, you could always get a free do from the students at the Blaine school. Good luck! *^_^* I had a blast rockin' out last night, by the way.

  2. first off, thanks for hanging out with me and my crazy friends on my birthday and thank you ever so much for driving today. i have to get my hair cut again too. i think i might go shorter than before. i did the short pixie with kind of longer bangs this last time but it grew out terrible like a mullet as you had mentioned and now i have no idea how to style it. a few bobby pins and a hairnet and i'm good for work. it's too bad we weren't really able to do much with the barracuda today but there is not much you can do in the snow. at least we got the cover on. oh yeah i was thinking. what about "Motor Mouth"?