Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I honestly thought this day would never arrive! What a long week I seemed to have last week...phew!
Today I start my new job. I am excited about it, but I don't know how late I will actually be there. A friend from my last job wants to meet up tonight, but since I don't know how late I am working, it's kind of ...unsettling, for me. I am the kind of girl who needs plans, so I was happy to have set up a get together a week in advance. But, it's not really 'set up' in my mind because it's just 'whenever I get out of work'. Then, I don't even know if I work tomorrow. I know, 'what the hell is she complaining about!?'
Getting on, I'll live. I just prefer more structure in my old age (well, all my life really...this isn't new).

Moving on...
I realize my blog has become less 'craft projects with some personal shit thrown in' and more 'personal...and that's it'.
My paper making has come to a screeching halt. I had planned on using my time 'off' to throw myself into it, but I think I had too much time to think about it and never did anything. Sadly, all the paper pulp I had just sat in the studio...wet and gross. It will have to become part of my compost now, as it is smelly and useless. So now do I go back to it, fresh? Or do I scrap the whole thing? It is definitely a therapeutic activity for me, but so is working out. I have put back on all the weight I had lost and am feeling rather sluggish and monstrous these days, so maybe my time would be better spent exercising?
Of course, I could do both. Now I have this car project coming up in the spring, so there goes a little more of my free time (a lot more, actually). And then there is the issue of the results being worth the effort. Working out will give me results and inspiration to do more. Making paper will keep me busy for a few hours, but then I'm just left with more stuff.
I guess only time will tell what ends up on my plate and what goes in the trash.

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