Saturday, January 16, 2010

what to do?

I hope I get the job I interviewed for. Plain and simple. If I have to go out and find another option, I just don't know what I'll find. For now, I guess I just cross my fingers and hope for the best, as the rest is up to the decision makers.
Yesterday, we had a beautiful weather day. The frosty windows were already starting to thaw before Hubby even got out of bed at 8-ish. While he showered and got ready for work, I decided to dress appropriately to walk home from the coffee shop. So, I grabbed my shiny new iPod Shuffle, clipped it onto my down vest, put on my walking shoes, and I was ready for the 3 mile walk home. Now, it wasn't a power walk by any means. I was wearing jeans and fairly bulky tops, because it is still January...just a slightly warmer version of it. And, we were headed out for coffee...I wanted to enjoy my hot beverage AS I walked. It is interesting walking with music in your ears. No one else has any idea, but you have your little soundtrack going and you're at peace. It took quite a bit of my energy to not dance my way home. I was lip-synching, so I am sure I looked as if I was talking to myself. I have not had a personal music player since my Walkman CASSETTE player. I never even got one with a CD player. I walked in time with the music starting with a little Frank Sinatra, then I got some Bowie and Decemberists in there. And since I just filled my iPod with music Hubby had on his computer (since I just fixed mine 2 days ago) I got to hear some old stuff I had forgotten about...Dylan and Jonatha Brooke (formerly of the Story).
Basically, I just soaked in the music, the cool but not cold air, and the pleasure of being alone. When I rounded the corner to my neighborhood, a huge red-tailed hawk flew overhead and landed in a tree. It was followed by a crow, who was followed by another huge hawk. While the hawks sit in the new tree, several crows flew around and then away. Very cool...I love to see those big birds of prey flying so close overheard...unless I am walking Moxie, then I am afraid they will try to snatch her up!
Almost home, one more turn...that smell...the horses! I love the smell of farm life in the winter. There's just something soothing and warm about it.
After that, I decided to make miso soup for dinner, since I still had stuff from Christmastime. As the day went on, I started to get stomach cramps. I wanted to make dinner for Hubby, though. I made the soup. I made cupcakes and chocolate frosting. Then it dawned on me...Hubby was going out with a friend to see a movie and I couldn't remember when. He called just before coming home to say they were meeting up for Thai food before the movie and I should come. I just didn't feel good. I had a tiny bowl of my homemade soup and went to bed. Still not 100% this morning, but I also can't think of what I ate to make me ill. Oh well, it's Saturday...who cares!
I am going to start working on the blog my sister and I will be doing. Well, actually, the last I talked to her about it, she seemed a little weird. Then she came clean and said she wasn't sure about writing for the blog. She thought I would be upset if she didn't have anything to write. Of course I wouldn't. I am excited about trying (yes, 'trying') to fix this car with her. But I am also excited to share the experience with anyone who is curious. Especially since the car is kind of far away from me, and so the blog will be a way for me to keep in touch with my mechanic side, when I'm away!
Still on the fence about cutting my hair. I'll probably end up just going super short again within the next week or so.
Sorry, no pretty pictures to look at...blogs are fairly dull with no pictures, aren't they? Well, at least I can get my thoughts out and move on.


  1. Sometimes I get random stomach aches, too. But, it's often not "What did I eat?" It's more "What am I so worried about?" You and I seem to have similar, worrisome tendencies that we push deep down inside, only to manifest them in tummy aches, headaches, fatigue, etc. You're probably nervous and worried about the job thing.
    My two cents.
    I hope you feel better, though! *^_^* And enjoy your neighbors' horse poop!

  2. you're probably right...and i've pushed it all so deep that i don't even realize it's there, until my stomach seizes!