Saturday, January 1, 2011

Last night 2010

I can't figure out why it's called 'First night' when it's actually the LAST that's what I'm calling it until someone explains it to me.
At any rate, we had fun. Well, I had fun, I can't really speak for anyone else.

This is what I FINALLY decided to wear. I had EVERYTHING out of my closet. I wanted to wear my sequins one more time, but Cape Cod is really not the place...I was glad I decided against it, as just about everyone was in jeans last night!! It's New Year's Eve, people!! Let's go crazy!! Whatever. I also considered the vintage disco dress I bought a few years ago for a party. It has some sparkle, but not a lot...but I really didn't want to wear my tall boots, even though they are fun to wear. I had two other skirts I considered. They were given to me by one of my younger sisters when we had a group yard sale. I lost too much weight before I ever got a chance to wear them...they were just too big to wear last night. So I went with my old stand by: suede pants, new chiffon shirt, and this time, since I wasn't out in the desert without all my clothes, I had a warmer top to wear over it. I may have over done it with the accessories, but like I said...New Year's Eve...crazy time!!
I take terrible 'documentation' type pictures. I love the way this top is tiered, but I haven't been able to get a good picture to show that. (it looks like this, black!)I also got to wear my fun shoes...they have some silver thread through them, too.

So, we met up with out friend at the Brazilian Grill in Hyannis. It's really something there! This is the lobby now. The first time we went (MANY years ago) it was a scary hole in the wall with that thin creepy kind of carpet and wonky floors. Now it's so beautiful and there's a nice bar in the back and it's always crowded. They really made it wonderful. Of course, there is a huge Brazilian population here on Cape, so that helps, I'm sure!
In case you've never been to this type of restaurant, here's the deal: you pay one price. There is a 'salad bar' that does have salad, but also hot soups, polenta, risotto, lots of cold salads, roasted potatoes, sushi, antipasto meats and cheeses and peppers, breads, hummus, and other delicious goodies. You can pay for just's an eat until you burst kind of deal. OR, you can pay a bit more for the bar AND meat. And, by 'meat', I mean all kinds of meat. These guys come around with giant skewers and knives. If you have your coaster with the 'Yes, Please' side up, they stop and tell you what kind of meat they have and you can have a slice or not. Lot's of steak: filet, flank, sirloin, filet wrapped in bacon, sirloin with cheese. Pork. Chicken: legs, wings, bits wrapped in bacon, hearts. Sausages. And, after we had moved onto dessert, they started bringing out the lamb chops. It's only like $8 more to add the meat parade!! And again...they keep bringing it until you tell them 'No, Thanks'. Oh, and then there's dessert...last time I had the coconut cake...this time I had the tiramisu. Yum! The best part of the night started by us passing on the first round of chicken hearts. Then Spencer waved them away a second time but I said, 'oh...' and he said, 'sorry, did you want those?' and I said, 'yes, next time...' So we were basically through, when one last guy came around (a guy who looked like Bilbo Baggins) with pork and Spencer said, 'No, thanks, but can she get some chicken hearts?' The guy looked at me and smiled and said, 'of course.' I He put about five on my plate and one of them looked like it came out of the world's largest chicken...or possibly a turkey!! I could only eat three, and they did not taste like they used to...when we were kids fighting over who's turn it was to get the heart when grandma roasted a chicken! OH, and one weird thing: I ordered a Manhattan. The boys got sangria. They had cherries among the fruit in their drinks...I had a GRAPE in my Manhattan!!! Crazy Brazilians!

Anyway, moving on with the night...stuffed full of delicious meats and sweets, we drove down to the other end of town to a small restaurant/bar that we knew was having music. It's where we were last year. I thought there was a chance we'd run into some co-workers from Trader Joe's and/or a couple other friends there. We happened to get there as one of Spencer's friends was leaving so we got a couple stools at the bar. Jason got a scotch, I got another Manhattan...oh, my!! We were there for a couple hours and it took me all that time to drink that one drink! I think she skipped the vermouth!! Going out 'drinking' is so much more pleasant when the drinks are strong and you can just have one. I was completely buzzed after that!!

A few of my co-workers did show up (one's I actually that's good!). They sat for dinner, Spencer went off to our friend's open house, we sat for a bit finishing our drinks, and we were home around 11. We hopped into the hot tub, where I could've fallen asleep!
I thought the tub lights looked cool.
The sky was beautiful, but I couldn't get a good shot. I didn't try very hard, though.

We were back in the house around 11:45, Jason cracked open the champagne and we watched the local station and caught the Boston fireworks on TV and toasted the new year. I'm sure it was the alcohol and my crazy hormones, but I felt kind of emotional and excited about the new year. I feel like I am finally in a place where I can start concentrating on things other than working out and dieting. These things have finally become normal every day things (not 'dieting' but eating right) so now I can try getting back into things that will enrich my life.

Today, I'm hoping to get my pinhole camera put together so I can start playing with that. I think it will reignite my love of photography and perhaps my creativity. Maybe I can even put some stuff in my etsy shop!!

So, on this first day of 2011 (1/1/11), I am wishing you all (again) health and happiness in this new year!

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  1. Sounds like a pretty low key fun evening! Happy New Year to you!! I hear you about the sparkle on New Year's Eve! I wish people would dress up a little more too! (this coming from the girl who wore corduroy pants and a shawl sweater all in various shades of brown- LOL!) My vintage dress didn't show up in time :( boo!