Saturday, January 8, 2011

more socializing!!??

So here it is, Saturday night, and somehow I got another Sunday off. I do love the time and a half pay, but it is also nice to get some time to spend with, I'll take it!
Here's the kicker: it's turning out to be a social weekend!
We had planned on spending some time with Dad for Christmas/New Year's celebration (ie: dinner at his fav restaurant, IHOP), but with the bad news Steph got, she's pre-occupied with other things.
However, with 'Dad plans' being cancelled, we are able to go see some live local music in town on Sunday, instead. And perhaps hook up with some friends for that and some drinks.
As if that isn't already more socializing than I'm used to, this 'Sunday off' thing frees up Saturday night, as well. And, wouldn't you know, we've been invited to a small dinner party tonight. Normally, I would just send Jason with my 'regrets', but since I have no excuse not to go...
But, the crazy thing is, I am excited to go. Strange, I know, but I am actually looking forward to going out tonight, AND having plans lined up for my day off.
The reason why tonight may be fun is that it is just 8 of us. There WILL be a poker game, as that is the reason for the 'party', but it's purpose is to show one of our friends' new (-ish) girlfriend how to play. That means, I won't be the lamest one there!! And, I KNOW it will be a small crowd of only the people I LIKE to play with. Part of the reason I don't usually play is because some of these people are too serious about it. They also are way more strategic, but that is because they all have been playing for about 10 years together!!
So, it's just a small potluck dinner at 6, followed by a poker game at 7. Easy, stress less, and fun.
We're bringing dessert, so I picked up a frozen tiramisu, and I also got a frozen chocolate yule log that we had lowered from $6.99 to $4.99. Again, I don't feel the need to do anything crazy like rush home to make a dessert (since it was an impromptu sort of thing that they decided to invite us to last night), so frozen is great!
And then tomorrow, the group of us will likely meet up for the music at the museum.

In other news, I practiced my clarinet for about a half an hour yesterday. And then I checked online to see how much a new case and a new set of pads would be to repair my old one. Looks like I could have my old clarinet back for about $40. Yes, the whole point of buying a new one was because having it repaired would cost anywhere from $125 to $400 and would have to be shipped away. But now that I have my new one, I figured I could take a shot at replacing the old pads and if it didn't work out, I'd still be able to play the new one. But if it DID work out, we could play more!

I am probably nearly finished with the roll of film in my pin hole camera. I have forgotten to wind the film several times. And, I am not sure about exposure or even focusing. I have taken a few pictures that will probably just be blurs due to close range. I really should read the book it came with, but I was just so excited to get started!!
That reminds me...maybe I should go shoot some pictures?

What's everyone else up to this weekend??


  1. Yum! a frizon Yule Log- it's funny but doesnt the 2 bucks off make the purchase soo much sweeter.

    I can't wait to see the pics from the pinhole camera!.

    Nothing to crazy for me, i have been accident prone lately! So I am staying away from danger. lol

  2. Zounds! What a weekend for you! With the "snow storm" coming, Sunday may be a lazy day in. Maybe I'll finally burn all of my boxes and paper trash? *shrugs* Monday, hopefully will be test drive day... We'll see.

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend. We went out last night so we are staying it tonight.

    Tomorrow we are bracing for the winter storm and I could not be more excited!! We rarely see snow and I can't wait to get out and try out our new(ish) camera!

  4. Pin hole cameras are so cool! I have a bunch that I play with all the time. Don't worry about exposure or focus or anything...just shoot! Incredible images will come!!