Saturday, January 22, 2011

Inspiration is flooding in!

I have been working on a piece of Mail Art for about a week or so. Not really sure what I was doing, but giving it the ol' college try, as they say. Then yesterday I got my very first piece from Dave in Ohio! I hope he doesn't mind that I am posting it, because I found it very inspirational.
I LOVE Winslow Homer! My very first trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Art was to see the Homer show. That was about 12 years ago! It's all just so beautiful, though. The quote in the corner really pulled me in, too. It really says it all, doesn't it? 'Explore. Dream. Discover.'

And last night while Hubby was making dinner, I put my nose to the grind-stone, and finished the piece I was working on for Dave. I hope it stands up to the mail service!! :)

Anyway, the combination of getting the art, and finally finishing a piece after having finished NOTHING in well over a YEAR! stirred up some creativity, I think. This morning I'm starting another piece to send out to another on the mailing list. I actually woke up this morning excited about what I wanted to do...staying in bed past 5 a.m. is hard for me anyway, but when I'm all giddy about doing something creative...forget about it!!
So, this is going to be normal, I think...
(pardon my gross dry skin)
Kind of gross? Maybe, but if it means I'm getting down and dirty with my inks and other such things, then call me 'gross'. I love having ink on my hands!

As if that wasn't enough, I found this on my blog roll this morning:
A post about a Sumi Society! I have done some in the past and had just pulled out my brushes and ink sticks this morning! I actually had them sitting next to me as I read the post! (Talk about synchronicity, eh Erika!?)

So now I'm off to do something NOT pertaining to my computer!!
Hope everyone has a great's my day off, so I'm already doing pretty good!!


  1. Good job, arting! I WAS excited about the accordian and wanted to play it, as I can play simple one handed melodies on the piano, because, well, the notes go up so read the music and press the buttons, only I don't know how to use the chord buttons, but still it could be fun. SO, I am still willing to try it out, if you want.
    I can't wait until clarinet times!

  2. My husband and I were just talking about asking the whole universe and getting stuff back. So crazy!

    My hands .. my nails. .I can't even keep them polished anymore because of painting activity. I have been working on art mail too. I am soo behind! The one thing that's nice about art mail is that you can really experiment!

  3. So cool! Seeing my card in your blog...this just made my day!! (And thank you for the link to my blog!!) Can't wait to see the one you made for exciting!!!

  4. Mail art! What a wonderful idea!