Friday, January 21, 2011


So, a few days ago, I posted about going over to see 'the girls' and play some music. I had my clarinet, and Donna had a 'new' vintage clarinet I was going to inspect (it was a mess, and she's sending it back). The older of my two younger sisters (steph) came over a bit later and we had some sushi and cheese & crackers and sparkling clementine juice. Since the vintage clarinet didn't work, Donna got out her alto (?) recorder and later she helped Steph play her old traditional recorder. When Nate showed up, he played accompaniment on piano, to the song we'd been practicing ALL DAY. We pretty much played music for 4 or 5 HOURS!! Sure, we took a scone and tea break, and spent some time looking for other songs to play, but we had instruments out until I left at 5 pm. And everyone else kept playing when i left!! Oh, and when Renee showed up, she brought out her flute.

But, I also had a surprise for everyone. A surprise that I thought would be spectacular.
I brought my antique accordion. I got it from an old landlord who was bringing it to the 'swap shop' at the dump and said I could have it! I don't play, but my grandfather has played FOR-EV-ER. He played this one for me once and said that it was nice and it worked, but it was a bit out of tune and too old to tune.
At any one was as excited as i had hoped. But that's okay. No body plays the accordion, why would they care that I had one?? I may still try to learn, but OMG! I have so many things on my list of 'things to learn' already!!


  1. Glad all of you "girls" have found something you are enjoying so much! When Aubrey and his band get together to practice the music never stops. They don't chat, drink, or eat - they just jam!!

  2. OMG How awesome! I am sooo jealous of the accordion.. so amazing! I remember in a previous post about you talking about how wanted to repair old clarinet and bought yourself a ebay one. Isn't it crazy when something just happens and you get a new special something?

  3. @Angela: i bet it's awesome when Aubrey and his friends get together!! we girls are a little bit silly at this 'learning' stage!! :)
    @Erika: still trying to fix my old broken clarinet. each time I think 'i did it!' something else doesn't seem to work. Oh, well...i have my new one and it works.

  4. I'm excited that you want to learn, but I'm thrilled that you want to learn flute, too! *^_^*