Thursday, January 13, 2011

roll two, ready to be developed

I finished up my second roll of film today (in the pin hole nemesis). But while I was out taking shots of my bamboo in the snow, I thought, 'hey, dummy, why not take some shots with the you know you'll actually have the shots!'
So, I took a few. Not great, I'm still not sure about the digital. I like that I can get shots and see them right away...delete or keep...alter if necessary. But I really wish actual photos were as easy. I love my old camera, but hate the processing time and chemicals involved. I know, 'lame''s just hard trying to be good to the environment as much as I can, and then try to justify photography. Is that really stupid? I mean, I'm not an environmentalist by a long shot, but I recycle what I can, use my cotton bags for shopping, I drive as little as possible (since i have an old heavy-ish car). I know, it's silly, but I wish I could get the beauty of my old camera with the ease of a digital without spending the cash it takes to get such a camera! Man, I hate this post...
but, I love my bamboo!!
I had to pull it's little branches out from under the frozen snow.
Hopefully, with any luck at all, I will have some shots from my pin hole camera coming soon.
I hope.
I really hope.


  1. What's funny is I was having the same conversation about cameras the other day with a friend.. about how much to spend on a camera.

    I can't wait to see the pics!

  2. What sucks is that technology's planned obsolescence doesn't make it any more environmentally friendly. In fact, all of the mining it takes just to get the minutest pieces for the micro chips used = hurting the planet, killing innocent people to get to said area of the planet, not to mention all of the unrecycleable bits and pieces. Being green is never truly easy. Sometimes it about choosing the lesser of two evils.
    Also, do not like playing in the dark room with all of that neato art science that goes on? I think I remember Steph saying that that was her favorite part of photography. *shrugs* To each their own. I can't wait to see the pictures!
    One last thing: your bamboo is breathtaking in the snow; like an old, Japanese watercolor!

  3. how about a vintage instamatic camera. I want to get one like WOKI's as the film is really good quality. It costs a little more, but you get instant pictures AND you can scan them to make them digital. Done and done!