Monday, January 24, 2011


Well, not that I am surprised, but my 'week of shadowing' to train to be the new order writer for our cheese section, turned into one day of shadowing, on day of it being too busy and short-staffed for shadowing, and four days between the two of us working together again. That basically means that I had one day of training before I was sent out on my own. Well, that alone wouldn't be THAT big of a deal, since there are plenty of people around to help. However, after working with the cheese girl (a woman who has worked in a cheese shop and has done this order for the entire 6 years she's worked at this store!) for the grand total of 5 or so hours, and then not seeing her between Saturday and this coming Thursday, I have been told I need to put together a cheese tasting for the crew!!
I am a bit upset, not really knowing much about it, being thrown into this without any real training, and then having to put together a tasting without being able to consult 'my mentor'!
So, Brie it is. The only cheese 'group' that seems to be prevalent (I guess they did a blue tasting last time).
(photo source)

I'm sure it'll be fine, but I have to feature a few kinds (I'll be doing our store brand domestic double creme, Il de France double creme, our light brie, the Supreme 62%, and Belletoile triple creme), the crew will taste each one and give their thoughts on which the like best/least and why. Then this info gets sent to the 'home office' where our buyers will read comments and they (presumably) take these into consideration when doing their buying thing.
In addition, I need to write up some 'fun facts' about brie...and this is a part time job!!?
I just hope Karen (the original cheese girl) is working that day to help me.
If nothing else, I get to have a yummy cheese party after my 1 year review that morning! Man, Thursday's gonna be busy!


  1. Ooh! You're a "Cheese Girl!" If it were me, they'd probably find me stuffing my face in the back room. :P

  2. I love cheese. Why can't you live closer and then I can be invited to the party? :) I love it when it's baked and with a little green apple. So delicious!

  3. baked in filo with Steph's applie pie jam is, as you know, gorgeous!
    Also slices of tart apple is good served with it.
    Also a genuine 'good' brie should be soft and a bit splotchy. It should feel sort of squeeshy and not be too hard. But, we American's eat process cheese food, so the general customer won't know any of this, so why not just order some 'brie cheese whiz' which I hope does NOT really exist.