Wednesday, January 12, 2011

for this, they cancel school?

Even before our last 'snow storm' had really started (a storm whose end result was about 4-6 inches of soft fluffy powder), there were reports of the up-coming second storm due to hit Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Schools were being cancelled yesterday...before anything had even started!! Now, I grew up in Michigan, where you were allowed about 3 snow days...of which we usually got to use one! (Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but I don't remember missing more than a couple days a year for snow, and when we did, you can bet it was FEET of snow, not the whisper of a possibility of inches of snow.) At any rate, the reports had even changed some time yesterday to say that the snow was likely to turn to rain by Wednesday morning. Yet, they closed most schools anyway. And here is our end result:
I believe it started off as snow around midnight, and we got another inch, before it turned to rain. The roads are slush in front of our house, and the people across the street are forming a puddle from all that is melting down their driveway!! Right now, it's raining. Now, I'm not complaining, I hate driving in the snow (not that I have to work today...yippee! was scheduled off, though. I would've had to work!), but come on...can't you just wait and see if this snow thing really happens before getting all panicked? Cape Cod, after all the years I've been here, should be moving forward to be better equipped to handle snow storms. Every year it's the same story, 'well, the Cape's just not used to this kind of weather like the Midwest.' Well, after the 16 years I've been here, you'd think the towns could grow and evolve and BECOME better equipped!!
Nevermind...I'm getting myself all worked up over some premature school closings...and I don't even have kids!!

Moving the past...
This past Saturday evening we were invited to an informal poker party so that one of the 'new girls' in our social circle could get a quiet lesson. I was touched that we were included, but then realized that we had all the poker chips! Whatever the reason, it was just 8 people. We all brought a dish, I brought frozen dessert from Trader Joe's, and some nuts to nibble on. We also, of course, brought a bottle of wine. I don't play poker much, but when I do, I like to bring my flask of whiskey to have at the calms my nerves.
I never wear these boots, but I thought they were appropriate for the evening...a place for my flask! They were one of the first gifts from Hubby, about 12 years ago. Back when I'd say, 'oh, those are cute.' and the next thing I knew they were wrapped up and waiting for me.
I wore them with my Old Navy jeans, plain white tee, and my newest sweater from the in-laws (it's really nice wool...angora? I forget...and it's a deep plum color). Unfortunately for Jason, I got a lot more compliments on my short hair. He showed his friends a picture of me that he carries in his wallet...a self-portrait of me and my camera in the bathroom mirror (the one we ALL have!). I took it when I was 21, and had long wavy hair. On of our male friends said, 'not a lot of girls can pull off short hair, but you definitely can.' To which Jason replied, 'stop telling her that!!' He's so funny!
So, it was a good time...oh, the food: Spencer brought these great was homemade bruschetta; the other was a Melba toast topped with a cucumber slice and tuna tartar! yum! The Dalrymples brought Oysters Rockefeller, which we didn't eat since we both don't eat raw oysters. The party throwers made a baked brie, and served chicken tacos for dinner. It was a good time, but I drank way too much....but, not more than usual! :)

Today's post is pretty random and long-winded, but I am putting off my chores. I am tackling my clothes problem today. I have a handful of clothes I wear all the time: Monday/Tuesday's scrubs; Wednesday-Sunday work pants and Trader Joe's tees; and, one extra shirt/sweater for the day off. Yet, none of these things fit in my IKEA stand-up unit because that is already full of who-knows-what. Things are just shoved in there! Not folded, not organized. I may have admitted before that I tend to keep clothes for a long time. I don't always wear them, but when I feel I should get rid of them, I think, 'but what if they come back in style or I can fit into them again?' So I keep. I have been rewarded with this behavior this past year, in the form of being able to wear that cute plaid skirt from the '80's (which wasn't even mine...I took it from Auntie when she wanted to get rid of it!). But this time, I'm doing it for real. If I'm on the fence about it, I don't' need it! Plus, I'm planning on not gaining this weight back, so if it's too big, it's outta here!!

So now that you know about my boring day...I guess I better quit stalling and get to it!


  1. If we got the kind of snow in your photos, the whole town would be closed for a week :)

    You know, when I went out with Aubrey a few nights ago I kept getting the "You are BRAVE to have your hair cut that short" comment and it really started to piss me off after a while - because WHAT does that even mean? I secretly think Aubrey wants me to grow my hair out again. He would never say it but I don't think he really likes it short.

    Sorry to hear about the pictures. Better luck with your next roll of film.

  2. if it is the jg hook skirt, I'll take it back. It could be my 'goal' skirt.

  3. Yea, I wonder ever year at the fright brought on Cape Codders by the possibility of maybe an inkling of a thought of light flurries. And all those days back in MI when we had to go to school, but we wouldn't pay attention because we'd all be staring longingly out the windows just waiting for that recess/break bell. *sigh* The times they are a changin'.