Monday, January 17, 2011

mail...mail art...the art of mail...

Well, in typical 'jen-style', I'm getting a slow start with my Mail Art! I'm excited to have that creative outlet. This means, I can do fun stuff without the stress of trying to sell it! Yet, here I am doing other things...working, fixing clarinets, playing with my friends...oh, life is so hard! :)

I am excited to start this, despite how it may seem with my lack of production, because I love mail. I love paper. I love inks, and pencils, and pens, and collages, and...I just love everything about the possibilities of mail!
Growing up, I was best friends with my mom's youngest sister. She is just 4 years older than I, so we were always more like sisters ourselves. It was such a heart-breaker every time we got to see each other for a couple days and then say good-bye until who knew when. We lived a couple hours apart, and there weren't cell phones back then. We had timed phone calls. We wrote a lot of letters. Even when we were in the same room, we would pass a notebook back and forth instead of talking to each other!!
When we were older and she lived in Europe for a bit, I always ran to the mail to see if I had gotten another postcard or letter.
And when I moved away, and went through my things, my letters were one thing I couldn't part with. I believe they are still in my attic at this moment. And said aunt lives just 30 minutes away. Plus we have cell phones and cars now...we haven't written in awhile...maybe I should invite her to the mail art circle?? (Whaddya think, Auntie??...I'll talk to you. :) ...)

So my goal is to get my act together and get something going!! My sad little studio is gathering dust!!


  1. Yeah, we never got that tin can string idea under way; not enough string, I suppose.
    Sure, though I am not sure of exactly what you mean, but you can tell me about it. I love writing and I love art and who doesn't love mail? Except bills of course!

  2. I have a piece of mail art all ready for you! I'll be putting it into the mail tomorrow...I hope you like it!! (I had a great time making it...)

  3. Count me in :) I love working on art mail.

  4. Letter writing is definitely a lost art. Add actually art to that and, my goodness! I adore your card with the robin on the front. So darling!