Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am sick. and this is the second time in, I think, the past couple of months. This rarely happens...that I get sick TWICE in one winter season. I blame it on my laziness. My immune system is usually going strong b/c I TRY to take care of myself. But I have been lazy and not working out and my body is not as strong as it usually is. Last time, I guzzled DayQuil and slept for a day. This time I had to go to work, and have decided to try to get better naturally. One woman at work says a bowl of hot water with some cider vinegar helps if you breath it in...clears the sinuses, I guess. It seems to work for awhile, but only when it's really hot. Another co-worker today gave me 3 Elderberry pills. I took one, forgot 3 hours later to take the next one, and just remembered now that I was supposed to take the 3 one a half hour ago...hold on...
okay...I guess we'll see?
At any rate, it was NOT a good day to be sick. I wanted SO BADLY to call in this morning. I have never called in to work, sick. I have gone home early, but have never once said, 'i just can't make it.'
Well, this morning, on top of being sick, I had unplowed roads from the little snowstorm we had last night. Schools closed early this morning while I was on the road to work. After making it out of my neighborhood, I saw that the roads had not been plowed yet! Well, they had, but only one half...and not the half I had to drive on! So, I decided that I would not put my life in danger for work. I had done that so many times in the past, and it's just not worth it! I turned around to go home, only to see, coming toward me...the town plow. Damn! I called in, asked if anyone else was coming to work, and said that I would be late.
I ended up only being a couple minutes late. Upon arrival I informed the guy in charge for the morning that I was not feeling well...and he said he could tell. Later I joked, when he hesitated to give me a project to work on, that I could just go home. He told me I could, and said it would be fine, but I said, 'I can't...I have my review, I have the cheese tasting, and (since the other cheese girl didn't brave the snow to come in) I had to do the cheese order.' He offered to do the tasting for me, if I wanted to just give him my notes (which was a rare show of compassion for this guy), but I said I'd tough it out. You see, I also had a lunch date with my sister and dad, so going home early wouldn't make any sense anyway.
So, it's been a long day. When I got home at 2, I shoveled my little spot at the end of the circle driveway...and the front porch...and the back which point I wondered why I had a husband. He is of the 'there's never enough snow to have to shovel' school, and so I have never seen him shovel. It's a good workout, though, so I only mind when I have to do it at 3 in the morning...and it's been awhile since I've had to do that!
Anyway, my review went well...they still like me, I guess. People seemed to enjoy the Brie and thanked me for only putting out 4 cheeses instead of every kind we have. I actually forgot to put one out! oops...
And, I was able to get the order done in about an hour (my goal!!).
I was out the door at 12:10 and that's just because I HAD to buy milk, and so had to stand in line. Lunch was nice, too. I ate every last bite of my two Harvest grain 'n' nut pancakes, two eggs, 3 pieces of bacon (hey...she gave me an extra piece of bacon!!) and hash browns. Also two cups of coffee, and a glass of chocolate milk. And that was after my little cup of yogurt at my 8:30 break. I also had 3 chocolate chip cookies when I got home...I have GOT to stop making chocolate chip cookies when I'm cold, bored, and alone!! :)
I should also stop blogging when I'm sick since it seems to make me ramble...although, I guess I have that tendency most days anyway. Put me in a room of people, though, and I don't say a word!!


  1. Poo! I certainly hope you didn't catch my germs on the breeze when you came over last night! Can't imagine how that could happen, but, after being in such close proximity to an hypochondriac for a few years makes you think. :P At any rate, I hope you're well soon.
    Shoveling heavy, wet snow like we got last night isn't easy when you're ill. )I've been shoveling all day, and I shoveled the drive and a walkway last night so Uncle and I could get out easily for work this morning.) It think that you should point out the depth of the snow to your DH. If Moxie gets buried because he couldn't help you shovel, I sure he'd give you a hand then!
    So glad that your tasting and ordering went smoothly! You're a fully-fledged cheese girl, now, huh? Congrats!

  2. Jen- didn't you know pizza cures colds? duh! lol.. You need to relax young lady and have some vitamin C- and watch some old movies with you feet up.

    Now you have me thinking about cookies. :)

  3. You really do need to just put your feet up and be "sick". It's the best way to get rid of it...let you body rest and fight it off. Besides...the week-end is coming!!

  4. thanks for the advice guys!! :)
    pizza....yes, of course! pizza!!
    my feet are up and breakfast at tiffanys is in the dvd player. i'm still eating cookies :)
    and for the record, b/c i'm sure it may have come across as more serious than i hubby is actually a very thoughtful person and gets me o.j. and medicine and tissues when i'm sick...i never REALLY wonder why i keep him around!! :)
    feelin a little better, too
    (and renee, i was feeling the onset of illness when i went to donnas...)