Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random thoughts of the morning

I got up at 4 this morning, though I don't have to be to work until 7, because I just couldn't sleep.
My stomach is a bit achy, and two people were sick yesterday with some sort of bug. I think, for me, I just made my coffee way to strong this morning.
I will be 60 when our home loan matures!
My old clarinet is being a pain...I adjusted a couple of the new pads last night, but still can only get a few of the mid-range notes out. Is it me? Is it the shotty repair job I did? Is it just that that clarinet has been sitting in my closet for many years (at least 6)...wrapped in a tee-shirt, wrapped in a plastic bag, wrapped in duct tape? (I really wanted the moth issue contained, and possibly kill off whatever was still lingering!)
I, in my restlessness this morning, remembered something very exciting. Well, exciting to me and 'my girls', but probably not to anyone else. It's a secret until I can reveal it to them (they read my blog, so 'mum's the word' for now).
I need a plan, an agenda, a routine, a schedule. My body is crying out to get back into exercising, but I have been unable to commit these days. I have the urge to be creative again, but I have been unable to commit these days. My life is seriously lacking the structure I need to get things done. My house is a mess.
Yesterday, at my job at the animal hospital, a couple brought in their puppies for their first exam and shots. ELEVEN lab/golden mix pups! All teeth and nails and wet noses and sleepy eyes and floppy ears. Some days that job just makes me smile! They were all perfect patients, even with all the pooping and peeing they did all over the floor!
Tomorrow, I plan to get some stuff done, as I get out of work at 11 and my 'play date' has been moved to Thursday. Thursday, clarinet-flute-piano...MUSIC DAY (after work, of course)!

Well, now it's 6 a.m. I guess I should shift gears and think about getting ready for work...oh, need gas in my car...

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  1. I always seem to be either super motivated with everything in my life (running, baking, working on photography, cleaning my house) or being so unmotivated getting off the couch is an all day process. I am trying to be a little more balanced but it is hard with work, kids, bills etc :) Love your post :)