Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sad news

I was so excited to finish up my first roll of film in my pin hole camera. I even took my lunch break to go to the pharmacy to get one-hour development. So, after work, I went in to pick up my pictures. The woman at the counter said, 'oh, there's no charge. You're all set.'
Of course, I knew...none of my pictures came out. Actually, THREE did. Though, the developer was being generous saying that even those 3 could be called 'pictures'. How sad!
Well, since I didn't have to pay for the 'photos' I got another roll of film, and I'm ready to try again.
I even decided to pay extra to get the photo CD so that I wouldn't have to bother with the scanning and CD burning. How silly!! Instead, I have nothing to show for my efforts!

Normally, this would be enough to say, 'screw this!', but it's a new year...a new me...let's see if I can work past my frustration and make something nice?

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