Saturday, January 15, 2011

I doubled up!

So my first roll of film, as we all know, ended in 4 sad little pictures. Well, 3 sad pictures and 1 that I actually thought was pretty cool.
Out of my second roll I managed EIGHT shots. When I brought the film in and the girl asked if I wanted the photo CD, index print, and all that jazz, I said, 'yes, but I don't actually know if anything is on there.' She said, 'fine, we'll only charge for what's on there.' And then when I went in, she said, 'there were only about 8 shots, so you can take a look and see if you want any of them.' I said, 'yes, whatever came out! That's twice what I got last time!' So then we had a brief conversation about her friend's pin hole camera and how she gets some really cool shots, and such and that I shouldn't be embarrassed when I bring my film in to her (b/c I told her I was beginning to feel silly bringing in film and not really getting any pictures back. A friendly person at CVS! And a person working the photo counter who is actually INTO photography!! Crazy day!
So, here are the UNEDITED results of 'roll 2'...
They're mostly the end of the roll when I took shots of the snow in the back yard.

This one is my bamboo plant in the yard
My tomato cage by the side fence
My garden fence
The side fence and,again
And, I don't remember taking this one of our shed?
These last two were actually at the beginning of the roll.
This one, out the front window
and, this one, out the back slider.
I honestly don't remember what was in the middle of the roll, as I didn't keep a journal like I did for the first roll. But here's what I've learned:
1. I advanced the film too much between shots, as I just realized when looking at the negatives (which is why I can't remember any other shots!), and
2. I need to stop being lazy and get out the damn tripod!
And, now I will edit them and see if I can get something interesting out of the fuzzy pictures at wonky angles!


  1. Wow the pictures have a vintage feel. Tripods are cheap- I got mine for 10 bucks :) do it!

  2. The first few make my eyes feel a little dizzy, but I really like the shadows in the first one of the fence (the picture after the tomato cage.) Erika is right, they do have a lovely, vintage feel. The last two are so gothic! Very nice! I'm interested to see what you come up with, editing-wise.
    Also, through her high school career and a few years after, a school chum of mine worked the photo counter for our local CVS. She was into photog, too! *^_^*

  3. These pics are so cool! Don't fight the camera...just let it happen. Don't use a tripod or anything like that...the beauty of lomography is just going with it and not becoming equipment bound. I bring out my pinholes when I feel stifled by my hard-core gear. These pics are such a great view of the world!! Honest!!!