Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random thoughts before work

*I want to make a 'root cellar' in the corner of my basement.
*I have no compost to start my spring beds with.
*It's damn cold in this house this morning!
*It looks like it could actually snow today.
*I want to leave work early today, so I'm sure it won't be possible.
*Clarinet practice tonight--woohoo!!
*My coffee was extra dark this morning...yum-me!
*Gotta get that third roll of film in my pin hole camera...maybe some grey snowy shots tomorrow?
*What does everyone else do mid-week?
*How am I still typing when I have no feeling in the tips of my fingers?
*Does anyone else really fill out surveys addressed to 'the main grocery shopper'? B/c I'm going to!
*Hubby's picking up our Girl Scout cookies from our friend Hannah at poker tonight!! They better make it home!!
*Two days in a row with no body in the kennel to start the day...an extra hour of random thoughts to think in the morning...


  1. Girl Scout cookies make everything better. I can't believe it's already that time of year.

  2. Weird, I thought the Girl Scouts stopped doing the whole" work for their badges, go door to door for cookie orders, then deliver them once they're in." Woki got some from the grocery store the other day, so did Auntie. How do I miss them?!
    Yeah, cold weather. My kitchen sink froze over yesterday. Luckily, they're working again; no burst pipes.

  3. Girl scout cookies...yum! And do get that film into the camera. Just remember with gray days make for longer exposures...have fun!!!

  4. I just wanted to say "hi!" I saw your wonderful rainbow envelope on Dave's blog and it is so awesome! It totally perked up my evening. : )