Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Could this be part of the problem?

This is my workspace ...
in THIS messy studio...

The chair isn't even on the right side of the desk! It was moved when I needed it in my adjoining room (my gym space) on Christmas day (so I could watch tv without waking hubby)...and when I was done, I just threw it back in the studio. Probably because I figured I wouldn't be going in there any time soon. And I was right, unfortunately.
However, I just spent some time starting up some little projects to send out.
I would love to get them out by the weekend, but tomorrow (after work) I am going to practice clarinets with the girls. Usually the hilarity that ensues keeps me there very late!
I bet I could've done more today if I hadn't spent 4 hours on the sofa trying to decide if I should've taken a nap after getting up at 3:30 for work this morning?
Well, what's done is done, and I think I need to clean my studio (oh, I'll just add it to my list!).


  1. My studio gets crazy too and I know some artists who clean out their studios 1-2 a year. I do it about 1 a month for me. :) I think messiness is in the eye of the beholder.

  2. I am in a cycle of cleaning and messing up my studio :) GOOD LUCK!!

  3. my space is always messy, I feel like I am much more productive when things are clean but quickly loose productivity when it takes 2 hrs to clean... catch 22 unfortunatly. Good luck cleaning!

  4. But wasn't music time FUN! Tell me about cleaning studios! Even though my office is fairly organized for what I do daily: art/writing My actual studio building is STILL in shambles, but this year, I promise to have it done. Heck, we may even be camping out there this summer to rent out the main house for some extra $$! Why not? Let the summer-time schleps pay through the nose while I sit in my little cottage painting, right?!

  5. At least you have a studio!!! :P Hopefully, after I buy my car, i]ll be able to set up two savings accounts: one for my trip to Ireland in 2012, and one for my cottage renovations. Once my attic bedroom is complete, my current bedroom will become my creative space. Yea! *^_^* You, know, if you ever need a kick in the bum to get clean and organized in your studio, I'd be willing to come over sometime and help. Then, once that's done, we can do art together! What fun! Just let me know, k?

  6. @renee...if you ever want to come over to use my tiny studio, please feel free (you too, donna). you don't have to bribe me with cleaning, either! :)

  7. Maybe it can be our Dennis office of 'the finer things club' how are the acoustics for instruments? Though, you have no piano. Casio keyboard anyone?