Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We lost power

The weekend after Christmas, we had some heavy snow and strong winds rip through the Cape. At about 7 p.m. Sunday night, the minute Hubby finished his sentence, 'I wonder if we'll lose power tonight?' the power went out. So, we turned on our gas fireplace for heat (since our central heat is operated by electric thermostat) and lit some candles. We threw some dinner together (we have a gas cook top, but electric ovens), and I took some pictures of the dog.

The cat, of course, was no where to be found...I think he was afraid of the wind, that he could hear through the silence in the house. We raised Moxie to not be afraid of storms...Hanzo was adopted and has all sorts of pre-conditioned behaviors! (But we love him in spite of and some times because of them!)
And now, I have work tomorrow and the next day, before getting my day off. I'm so excited!! I bought a carton of orange juice and am planning on having an extra bottle or two of champagne in the house. I think we may have nailed down our plans: dinner at 7:30, with our friend, Spencer. Then, maybe before he's off to our other friends' party (which we will likely skip since I just don't feel like going too far to celebrate) we'll go down the street from the dinner restaurant to a small cafe where they will have live music (no cover!). Grab a drink, hear some folksy guitar music, and then Spencer can go to Ashley&Jason's and we can head home for a quiet night of looking up at the stars while drinking champagne in the hot tub!! Yeah, that sounds just about right.
Some times I feel like having a group of people around, and other times I like the solitude. Most of our friends will be scattered about this year, and instead of a)deciding where to go, or b)ringing in the new year in some place full of strangers, we can just be together. It is nice to just settle in and end the year being grateful for or tiny little spot in this world...something to be happy about.
Here's an annoying bit of my day today. There's a girl I work with that I really like. She's a Jehovah's Witness. She always has her 'books' and is reading them on her break. Fine, I don't care. I occasionally walk in on her 'preaching' to other co-workers, but don't care, as long as she doesn't do it to me. Well, today it came up that I am not religious and she asked me about it and said, 'are you atheist?' I said, 'yes.' She said she had other friends that were, too. Later she asked if she offended me and I said no. I don't get offended about peoples' religious beliefs or even care if they think I'm 'wrong' because of mine. But later she kept on about it. I had told her, 'I've never read the bible and I don't really know a lot about most religions, but I know I don't believe in God. I believe in being a good person to be a good person...not because I think it will help me when I die.' She asked if I would read her book since she 'happened to have it today'. I said, 'no, I won't, to be honest.' 'Fair enough,' she said. 'You don't believe in God, but do you believe in spirits?' 'spirits, like ghosts? yes, I do.' So then she pulls out ANOTHER pamphlet called 'the truth about the occult'. I stuck it in my bag, and said, 'one of my sisters is Wiccan.' She said, 'I have a friend who's Wiccan. It kind of creeps me out.'
Another co-worker was in the break room while this was going on and later, I asked him, 'how'd you like that religion class?' He said, 'people need to just be quiet.' I agreed. I said, 'she's lucky I like her.' It's just so inappropriate for workplace conversation and she shouldn't be doing it...but, as long as this is the last i hear of it, I'm gonna let it slide. Ah, and I remember how it all began...I sneezed and someone said, 'God bless you.' and they do not say that because it is based on a superstition, which they do not believe they say, 'excuse you' me, that sounds like you've done something wrong! But, to each his own, which is precisely my point!


  1. oh and i downloaded A Christmas Story to my computer. I had a $5 credit from amazon 'on demand' for purchasing so much stuff for christmas...A Christmas story was $4.99!!

  2. Those photos of Moxie are darling! She's always looks so worried, though. :P
    Preachy religious zealots frustrate me, too. For the record, though, I'm not Wiccan, I'm Pagan. (To clarify--> Wicca:Paganism::Jehovah's Witness:Christianity. Each is an offshoot of a larger conscientiousness. I say that I'm Pagan because I follow some Wicca, some Shaman (from our Native American heritage), etc.) Wait...Now I sound like one of those religious zealots.
    Anyway, I say gesundeit because it translates to "good health to you." Non-religious, and I like it! *^_^*
    And now you have A Christmas Story to watch whenever you want?! Sweet!

  3. ah! see, when i said it, it didn't seem right! i knew you're pagan! dummy, me!
    i'm stupid about religions, so some clarification is always good...preaching: not so good!
    and my friend said 'what about gesundeit?' and she said, 'same thing...just german.' i'll have to tell him she's wrong!! thanks!

  4. It's true, it does mean good health. In England they say "Bless You" not 'God Bless you" not sure why we stuck that bit on in America. I think Bless you or Gessundheit both appropriate, but neither should represent your religious beliefs. If you wish someone good health or blessing it matters little if you believe in God, Buddha,what have you. And for the record Jen, saying 'I believe in ghosts' was really just a way to walk right into that one. If you do believe in them (Which come one, you most likely don't) why admit it to a kookie Jehovah. I also would not equate a Jehovah with a Christian. They are really miles apart. That's like saying an Episcopalian is akin to a Morman! Oh and BOO!
    Just kidding, I'm not really a ghost. I think people's need to believe in ghosts or other afterlife situations is simply the manifestation of our fear of death. Better to be a spooky sheet wearing ghost with chains trapped in someone's 50's ranch rumpus room than nothing, right?

  5. I wasn't equating JW followers with Cristians. I was saying that they are an offshoot of the larger tent of Christianity. Even one of the JWs I work with told me that his religion is a form of Christianity.
    To be honest, Jen, it's not a big deal; calling me Wiccan. I mean, it was partially right. :) I just felt I'd like to clear that up. Someday, I'd like to take a theology course so that I can have informed discussions with people who preach at me. Most of the time, they don't even know what their bibles are telling them! :P

  6. HI! Love the pup pictures! How cute is he? I agree that he does look worried though ;) Maybe b/c you don't believe in God...

    --HA!! Totally kidding!!

    I have had an on again off again relationship with religion...(mostly off again) From all of the not going to church to the years of going to church 7 hours or 8 hours a week!! (Yep!) I have come to the conclusion that while I believe in God, I do not believe in organized religion- at all. I would rather just do my thing and keep it private. I think to each his own and everyone should work on themselves before working on everyone else :)

    Sorry about your work episode. That can be a very stressful situation to be in. Just remember those people feel they HAVE to talk about it - like it is their calling. I was there once with a preacher that had me feeling so guilty about everything, I felt like I HAD to talk to people about religion or I was doing wrong. It never felt right or comfortable to me and that is when I should have known it was the wrong thing for me but I was "drinking the Kool-Aid" at the time and could not for the life of me see the light -- which is ironic because that is what I was trying so hard to see :)

    Anyway, that was another life :)

    Have a Happy New Year!!

  7. I wonder sometimes if we should not worry about the 'belief in God' part and more about the organized part. Then, if we found a church of people who we got along with, what a great way to get community back. Hmmm...something to consider in the new year. See, politics and religion ALWAYS gets a lot of comments!