Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday cocktail party!!

Yes...I meant 'holiday'. We don't really celebrate any religious holidays in my family. Those family members still practicing some sort of religion are either far away and out of 'the picture' or celebrate their beliefs on their own, with other like minded people. For the most part, we just like the excuse to get together for some fun. We celebrate the joy of being near those we love, and having a good time. But this is not a post about my religion, your religion, or the religion of my family members; nor, is it about what I had to endure in my youth, why I have chosen the beliefs I have, or why my uber-religious relatives give me the creeps.

(in the interest of 'full disclosure', this post was started as I was waiting to go to the party, but ended up just leaving early, instead of waiting around, after a call from the host saying I could come over 'whenever'.)

So, now I can just post ABOUT the it happened!
Auntie sent out the cutest little invites, instructing us to come in our festive attire (usually 50's inspired, though I'm more of an early 60's type, myself!)
I wore my sequined 'Vegas' dress and shoes. This time, though, I fashioned a hat out of one of my spring hats and a blue feathered wig. I wish I had more occasions to wear it...I don't know what it is, but I love having all those feathers on my head!! It makes me think of Mag Wildwood from Breakfast at Tiffany's. (sorry, can't find any pictures or links for that, though)

I put together my cheese platter...I thought the chocolate coins would be cute. I never actually cut up the apples I also brought, and the crackers had to go on a separate plate...maybe I over did it? It was all very yummy, anyway.
Auntie also made some tasty treats: baked brie, deviled eggs, smoked salmon/cream cheese on pumpernickel toasts, and a lovely punch. Baby sister also made some lovely tiny cheese and smoked portabella quiches. I also made a 'white cranberry spritzer', which I found in my latest Cooking Light magazine. It tasted like a Mojito...I thought it was good, and I drank most of it myself, but I might as well have just made Mojitos. We also had champagne cocktails, and frozen grasshopper drinks. Later, Uncle made us Manhattans, as well.

We played some card games, which Monty (Auntie's teacup chihuahua) also wanted to play and a game called Bananagrams. I wasn't familiar with it, other than knowing it existed, but it was fun. Good clean can't beat it!
And of course it all wore out the dogs!
(Monty, with Sophie the Italian Greyhound...)
Then, back home the next day after spending the night and most of the next day hanging with Auntie, I got to enjoy my own little Moxie lounging next to our Christmas tree. Aren't dogs just about the best thing ever!?


  1. The dog pictures are just adorable!!
    Maybe we should have a 60's themed Xmas eve party some time? Auntie can wear early 60's, as the attire would still look like the 50's style she adores. Plus, you and I can do some great 60's styles (I like the early-mid 60's styles, too!)
    I'm so glad you were able to come and stay! Now, the final push to the next party! *^_^* Then, after that, New Year's Eve!

  2. Games, a cheese tray, dogs, and dressing up! Sounds like a PERFECT party to me!!