Monday, December 6, 2010

Random's Monday

I forgot to show the lollipop I got in Vegas. When I was buying the portable shoes to keep my feet from detaching, the clerk asked if I would like to donate $1 to St. Jude's. I almost always do, for 2 reasons...1. Hubby had a friend in school who had leukemia and he told me the story about St. Jude's and now she is in her 40's and living a 'normal' life. They saved her. 2. I met Marlow Thomas at Hubby's uncle Bruce's funeral. I was crying so hard all I could do was shake her hand and walk away. (later I also met Phil Donahue...strangest funeral I've ever been to.)
Anyway, after I donated my dollar and got my shoes and change, he said, 'thanks for your donation' and handed me this lollipop! I thought it was funny. What I also thought was funny is that I almost bought a cheap bottle of champagne because they sell alcohol at the drugstore...though, thinking about it, maybe that makes sense? Ahh, 'sin city', indeed!
When we got back from our trip, our 'kids' could not get close enough to us. They didn't even care that they had to get close to each other to do it!!
Usually the cat gets annoyed when Moxie is so close to him, but after hiding in the basement for a week, he hugged her with his tail!
He's almost always right next to me, though. As I type this blog he's sitting on the back of my chair...clingy mommas boy!

And, another random note, since this originally was my etsy/art blog, I managed to get most of my stuff back into my shop Saturday evening. When I found out I didn't have to work Sunday, I spent the whole morning getting nearly all of it in the shop (I just have some bags I want to put back up). I had already made a sale sometime Sat night/ Sun morn and then after posting all the Christmas cards, someone had bought almost all of them!! I'm letting everything go cheap...every thing's at least a couple dollars cheaper, most things are 50% off.
I want to see if I still want to create for others or if it's just too much. My hope is to clean out some of my old stuff and re-group...recharge.
If you're interested, check it out...I didn't bother with any coupon codes since I 'slashed' all the prices...just an F.Y.I.


  1. The babies missed their mama! :) My little pups do the exact same thing and they want to be held like a baby. :)

  2. I always say yes to the Jimmy Fund donation question. *^_^*
    Awe! Hanzo is totally a mama's boy (as Moxie is a daddy's girl.) :P
    Wow! Look at your art fly off of the shelves! Good thing you posted those holiday cards. *~_^*

  3. ahhh how was your trip to vegas! Ive been away from the blog world for quite some time so looks like I'll have to scrawl through your blog to find all the details! your little kiddies look so cute huddled next to each other :)