Sunday, December 5, 2010

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum

Ready for some overkill??
First of all, I found it pretty funny that there was a wax sculpture of the sculptor.
I wanted a shot of me and Halle b/c she always pops up when I search for cute short hair cutes...Hubby joked that we are twins.
If you're gonna stay at the Flamingo, why not pose with it's founder, and famous Vegas mobster, Bugsy Seigel? Bad photo, but it's strange how much fun we had posing with statues of famous people!!
Even Jason got in on it with Daniel Craig-Bond...and, with Evel Knievel and his bike! (I got on the bike, too, but I had to stop posting every shot we took!!) You know, they had little bios for everyone, but I don't think I read even one of them!! There were so many of them!
Who could resist...Billy Idol...come on...he looked so real. A lot of my shots look 'greasy' or fake, but a lot of the newer ones were really well done.
These were in the room with the 'sculptor', where they also played video of how the figures are made...I thought these heads on a shelf were kind of creepy.

At the entrance they have Angelina and Brad...of course, we couldn't resist...Wife Swap, anyone!? :)

My favorite singing with the Rat Pack! If only I had been wearing my sequined dress that day!!
Me and D-O-Double Jizzle (is that right?) I don't know any of his music really, but I have a strange infatuation with him...can't explain it. Although I think it mostly has to do with him as an actor, b/c he cracked me up as Huggy Bear in Starsky & Hutch (terrible movie, though).
Anyway, I also took this picture so I could piss off my baby sister when I told her I saw her in Vegas. I don't think Julia is ugly, but Sister doesn't want to be the look-a-like to someone with such a giant mouth. At least she doesn't look like Snoop Dogg!!
And then there was a room at the end with people who were influential, but I'm sure did not have their figures made the way they do it today...Presidents, astronauts, and our founding fathers...
Life sized Barbie and Ken dolls? Nope, the Kennedy's...She's even a smart dresser when she's made of wax!
So it was fun. We also got shots with Hugh Heffner, George Clooney, and a bunch of others that I thought I'd shield you all from. I recommend it as a silly way to kill some time, if you ever have the chance to visit a wax museum.


  1. That's creepy. Who's he "sculpting?" Evita? Grace Kelly?
    You really do look like Hallie B. Of course, she's kinda shiny, darker, and, HEY! Look behind you! It's your boyfriend!
    Haha! Looks like Jason cares more about being on the bike rather than with Knievel!
    Churchill looks like a clown and Queen Victoria is so veiny!!
    Watch out; Dean's checkin' you out!
    I love visiting M.T.'s in NYC! Wax museums are highly, highly underrated.

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