Friday, December 3, 2010

vegas picture post: a companion to my last post

Here are some shots from the first couple days of our trip...

Monday evening's outfit: black suede lace-up pants from the original wedding (maybe I'll get some of those shots scanned for another post?), super cool layered front/sheer backed chiffon-type top (Forever21), metallic flats (Payless), and cute feather and rhinestone headband (Forever21). I saw these shoes during one of our many 'wandering about' trips out...aren't they 'da bomb'!!
Tuesday's outfit: old plaid skirt, black 3/4 sleeve top with subtle ruffled collar, corduroy swing coat. This was a huge 'tree man' in the Bellagio's 'Secret Garden', just outside the place were we had breakfast (at The Bellagio Cafe).
This is View Bar, in Aria, next to the restaurant we went for our 'anniversary' dinner. Me, in front of View bar, AFTER the ceremony AND dinner...sequined shoes are off, and metallic flats are back! I guess the sweater didn't look THAT bad, but boy do I wish I hadn't needed it!
Spencer took a shot of us in front of this cool restaurant...BEFORE the ceremony (sequined shoes IN HAND, and portable, foldable flats on feet still). This was just a cool restaurant. I don't remember the name or even the food they served (we never went in), but what a cool place! It's almost hovering over the first floor shops. It's all wood, too.
This was the place we had our anniversary dinner/'reception' :) julian serrano's good! This is the back corner where we ate. So, we didn't have that feeling of eating at the mall food court. When the concierge made the reservations she asked if it was a special occasion. I think our saying 'our anniversary' got us a more 'romantic' setting. Big round table and comfy chairs.
I splurged ($20) for this 3 rose, hand-tied bouquet. It actually looked great with my dress! And, after a lot of 'the sun's too bright' Spencer got this cute shot of us. It was fun and MAN! I love that dress!! I can't believe I almost didn't buy it...Thanks, Donna!! :)
Wednesday's outfit: another old skirt (corduroy...warm!), NYLONS, same black top (not my original plan to have to wear the one long-ish sleeved shirt EVERY DAY!
We went to the wax museum at the Venetian, but that will be a post of it's many pictures, I'll share just the fun ones. This is one of the many crazy paintings on their ceilings (this is the casino entrance).
After the museum, we hung our in Paris for a bit, waiting to go to our Jubilee show. This is one of the 'streets' inside. We ended up having a drink at their Eiffel Tower Restaurant's bar before the Jubilee show. I'll post a couple of the shots of that in my next post, I guess...I'm sure it's all getting to be a bit much, but it was one of the high points of the trip for me.
And this is the view from the end of the elevator corridor on 'our' floor. Mountains! It's strange being surrounded by all of these crazy tall buildings then you look down the street and see those giant mountains! Really beautiful.

Up next: view from Paris bar, wax museum, Thanksgiving, and probably a batch of random photos.

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  1. Looks like you had a great trip! I love the Bellagio- its amazing what they can do with the flowers and the art. :)

    Love the outfits!