Saturday, December 4, 2010

More Vegas: Thanksgiving Day

Due to the intense cold (well, cold for Vegas...colder than I was prepared for) I wore a pretty boring outfit Thanksgiving morning. We were planning on just sitting at a bar and watching the Detroit/New England football game anyway, so it was appropriate attire.
the outfit: old basic black pants from Bass (old work pants that I died back to black to hide bleach stains), my fitted yellow shirt from Banana Republic that I love but only have because it was a I could afford their clothes!, and my usual metallic flats and wool sweater.
Emeril Lagasse had THE coolest sports bar in Vegas. You can place your bets there, and the whole place is like several tiny living rooms surrounding one giant living room. The main tv is HUGE! and the middle seating is stadium style levels of sofas! All plush and comfy. Our original plan was to reserve a table first thing (they opened at 9 a.m. and the game started at 9:30 a.m.), but then we found that there was a $50 food minimum PER PERSON to sit for the whole game. You can sit at the bar for free (well, you have to pay to drink). We left to have breakfast at a restaurant downstairs then went back to the bar. It was full! Lots of empty tables, but no stools. We got a drink and stood back to watch the game and wait for someone to leave. We didn't wait long, got two seats and watched. I put $10 on the Lions to win...they were winning at half time but lost in the end! The bookie, when I was placing my bet, said, ' want the LIONS to win??' (They have come very close, but never manage to pull out the win in the end...)
Afterwards, Hubby was itching to play some more poker, so when he thought he found a game, I went off to shop for a warm coat to wear over my dress for dinner (which I didn't find). He called to say there weren't enough players for his game, so we met up in the shopping mall at Planet Hollywood. Where I found this awesome store...
We also found out that, when they got rid of the Aladdin, to put up Planet Hollywood and it's Mile Mall, they left in the indoor thunderstorm! Our favorite memory from our first trip!
Since it was just about 15 minutes til the next storm, we waited...and watched.
I don't know why it's so amazing to me, maybe it's just my love of thunderstorms?

Finally we were ready to go out for dinner. We figured an early dinner would yield the best results when finding a place to eat. The outfit: My 'vintage' white dress from Goodwill, and the shoes from Monday (they height actually made my feet feel a little better!), my vintage jacket with beaded collar that I got at a Boston thrift store about 12 years ago, and it's pinned closed at top to hide the fact that I had to wear my long sleeved shirt under the dress. I also wore my wool sweater over it all...that's how cold it was!! (plus my scarf and gloves, of course...still chilly)
When we found our first choice at Caesar's Palace totally booked all night, we ended up back at Paris, where we had seen a couple places with price fixed Thanksgiving options.
This was the decorated entrance at Caesar's.
And this was a shot from inside where we ended up, La Provencal.

I think I'll keep this one short, and just post another with some random stuff from our last day in town...since we just wandered about, and Jason finally got into another poker game.

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