Friday, December 10, 2010


I just posted this morning, I know...but, I posted about the boots i just ordered last night. They are under my tree already!! that's not even 24 hours since ordering them!! Seriously, (affiliated with amazon) is the way to go for shoes, I think. 100% price guarantee, free (two day, I think) shipping, AND free return shipping if you need to send something back! My first order from them went like this: found a kick ass pair of boots for $80 (roughly) and I got them two days later, when they went on sale for $60. I emailed them that I wanted the sale price, should i send them back and reorder them. The simply refunded me the difference!!
They're not always the cheapest, but when you can find a deal, I have found them to be quick and friendly. No, i'm not getting a cut for this promoting, I just really think they are doing a good job, and wanted to pass it along.

My plan to medicate and sleep all day turned into a day of foggy headed cleaning: kitchen, laundry. And I did some embroidery for a gift to include with my secret Santa gift. I can't show it b/c some of my family reads this. It is silly, but I'm going to include it in the gift anyway! Pictures will come after the party on Christmas Eve...

Okay, no more computer, chores, or needlework...time for more medicine and lounging about!


  1. When I was sick it was SO hard for me to rest! When my body and mind finally gave up several days into it, I did not wake up till 11am one morning! But, that is the day I started making a turn for the better -- so GET SOME REST!!

  2. get better you have a cocktail party Wednesday!

  3. How are you feeling, today? I'm excited to see who you have and what you have for them! *^_^* Get well, and, hopefully, I'll see you on Wednesday.