Saturday, December 4, 2010

Last day in Vegas...boohoo

Last day, flying outfit: my new favorite Old Navy jeans, my super cute gingham shirt from Forever21, that you can't see because, yet again, I have to wear my corduroy jacket. I also wore Hubby's boots b/c they were the right height and 'tightness' to make my foot feel better.

So the last day was a lot more walking to kill time between 10 a.m. when we checked out and 7 p.m. when we would catch the shuttle back to the airport.
This is the Excalibur, the cheesiest looking hotel ever!
Not sure if I posted Jason's jacket, yet. He was the warmest of the's velvet and he wore it every day. A lot of people commented on it...even the bums!

While he was playing his last poker game, I wondered over to the Brewing Co. for a drink. (The game he was in was actually in the Flamingo, and so was this place I had my beer. The Sin City Brewing Co. had little places everywhere, it seemed, though.)

CHOCOLATE FLOWERS!!! This is the display outside a sweets shop in the Aria hotel.
Minus 5's a vodka bar that is kept at 30 degrees, -5 Celsius. There's a $30 cover and they have big fur (probably faux?) coats or puffy parkas you have to wear inside. We thought it would be cool, but not for a $30 shot of vodka!
Several times I passed a shop with these beautiful dresses in the window. I finally took a picture of my absolute favorite. It's just so wonderful!
And, of course, the back entrance, where we waited for our airport shuttle had more pink lights.

Okay, one more Vegas post to come: the wax museum...then, I promise, to stop!
I have to get back to my non-vacation life sometime I guess. I was really hoping to get my etsy shop open for the holidays, but being off-line for so many days has really pushed things back!!

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