Tuesday, December 28, 2010

PLEASE, can it be January soon!?

I am not a stranger to working 12 or more days in a row anymore, but I am nearing the end of a 16 day stretch that will end at noon on December 31. I NEED my day off! My schedule is all crazy at my grocery store job (well, i work a 6-1 and a 6-2) so i feel like those days are shot b/c I will be working later in the day. I know, one or two hours will not make a huge difference, but sometimes it does...especially when you've had to work every day. I actually think what's making this stretch so difficult is Christmas. Having to go in multiple times through the day, and then still doing the usual Christmas stuff...and then going in multiple times the next day while we were in the middle of a crazy near-blizzard-type snowstorm...it took a lot out of me!
Yesterday the winds started and it's still REALLY gusty out there today. That makes going outside to walk dogs, help clients in and out of their cars, AND shoveling walkways SO MUCH HARDER!! I'm exhausted!!
And today, to make it just a little more interesting...2 of our techs are on vacation. That means there are two techs until 3 (plus me), and then one tech (plus me) AFTER 3...until 6! with THREE doctors on!! I don't know how it's going to work, but I am beginning to appreciate not having to work until 6 a.m. tomorrow!!

At any rate, I am becoming depressed feeling, more and more each day, that i MISSED Christmas! I got to watch PART of A Christmas Story, we got to open gifts and Christmas eve was a blast, as usual (can't keep me from enjoying that part!!), but it's different.
Under the tree is littered with opened gifts and balled up wrapping paper...as we opened gifts and rushed out the door...
to get coffee. Which I was also glad for. Our friends' bakery was open until noon, so we rushed out the house at 11 to make it there and drop off a bottle of my egg nog for them. They loved it...but, I was sad that my supply disappeared much more quickly this year. I'm usually drinking it until new years but now its gone. My plan was to not have it around so that I didn't gain 20 pounds in egg nog!! It worked, but I had no idea how much I would long for it when it was gone!! :)
We got to see our movie (Tron in 3-D, which was dissapointingly not very 3-D, in my opinion), then off for Chinese-Vietnamese food. We tried a new place this year. It was good food, but there were about 5 tables in the place and none of the food came out together, I was already cranky AND I still had to get back to work for one more shift at the kennel before I could settle in for Christmas Day.
So, you see...I feel jipped!! I am a 2 year old who didn't get EVERYTHING she wanted for Christmas!!
What am I going to do about it??
New Year's Eve is still kind of up in the air. We know we are going out for dinner with a friend (our usual partner in crime...the one who met up with us in Vegas). After that I wanted to hit a bar for some live music, but none of the usual bands we like are playing, and most of our friends are not around or are having 'open house' type parties. Spencer is going to one, to which we MAY follow. But I'm leaning more towards (provided the weather has calmed down by then!!) coming home with a bottle (or two) of champangne and hittin' the hot tub!!
And then NEW YEARS DAY... the day off...I am checking out A Christmas Story (maybe on netflix), staying in my p.j.'s ALL DAY, playing with my new toys (I've been itching to put my pinhole camera together!!), and drinking mimosas!!
Maybe, too, I can come up with a plan for the new year...crafts, art, diet, exercise, house cleaning, clothes purging...the usual!
So, what's everyone else up to for new year's eve? Any big plans?


  1. Bummer, Jen. Not that it will make you feel any less gypped, but Christmas flew by me, too. I had a fantastic time all around, but after about 4 on Christmas day, it felt like it was light years away already. Strange.
    Anyway, I have to work on both the eve and New Year's Day, so, unless Auntie has a party and invites a certain someone, I won't be up late. I'm only hoping that no one texts or calls me at midnight! :P

  2. Well, I just have to say the one reason you enjoyed the ONE part of xmas was cuz you were with your real 'fun' friends, i.e. kookie crazy friends, that's us! Also, I think rushing off xmas morning a bad idea, sure support the local place, but hey make coffee at home, stay in the pj's awhile, play with your toys and visit, it is always more fun.

  3. oh, and still not sure about our party, might just be a few people drinking and being kooky, like xmas eve, so if you want to come to that come on down!

  4. D, I DID make coffee at home! I had about 3 cups before we even left the house. I got to stay in my pjs until 11! I just meant the rest of the day i felt rushed around because i had to work that day, so i couldn't settle into that christmas feeling. so i just want that day off completely...to spend doing as i wish, instead of rushing off to work. not that i was sad about christmas..i was sad about having to work through it, that's what i meant.