Sunday, December 5, 2010

i'm an idiot...and it made my day!

When we got back from vacation, I had gone into work to get my schedule for the which point they asked if I could work the next day -the last day of my vacation! I said only if they REALLY were in a bind, they didn't call me in after all. But in the 'commotion' I wrote my schedule as working every day. Add that to my two days at my other job, plus the 5 more days at the grocery store the following week and another couple days at the vet's office =a 16 day work 'week', until the day I requested off for a holiday party.
So, it's Sunday, and I got up at 4 a.m. and went to work. Looking at the log that says what I'll be doing all day, I didn't see my name. I checked the schedule...and I was OFF today!! I ran around the store, jumping up and down and said 'I'm not scheduled...check ya'll later!' The girl in charge said, 'you don't need the hours?' and I said,' i can stay if you need me, but this would be a day off for me...which I won't get for 10 more days, now...' she said, 'no no, go home!!'
and that is how being an idiot made my day!
Of course, I'm up now and awake, so here I am...blogging and such.

Last night I spent a nice chunk of time, while Hubby made dinner, re-listing and editing a lot of stuff in my etsy shop. I cut all of my prices...most things a couple dollars at least, and some things are 50% or more off! I feel like if I can clean out what I have, I may be able to rekindle my love of crafting. If not, maybe at least I can see some of my stuff to go to loving homes?
Well, already I've sold one of my journals, so it's already worth it to me.
Now I just have to get down to the studio to photograph my Holiday cards so I can list those...before it's too late!!

I think I'll also take this time to post my final Vegas re-cap: the wax museum...

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  1. I can recall doing that a few times in the past. It really does make a day, though! Being an early riser like you, getting up and being awake that much earlier = getting tons of stuff done! Yea you! *^_^*
    Winter seems to be a good time to concentrate on artsy endeavors. *shakes head*