Monday, December 13, 2010

a night of music

Of course, this post would've been more interesting had I remembered to bring my camera, but i did not...big surprise.

anyway, we went out last night to see some local bands playing a fundraiser for the NOAH shelter, which was put on by the housing authority here. A good friend of ours works for the housing authority, and many of our friends are in various bands that were performing. It was a Christmas concert, basically...all Christmas music and lots of festive outfits
Being the shut-ins that we are (well, mostly ME), we decided it would be a good idea to go early and eat.
We only stayed for half of the event, but we still didn't leave until almost 11 p.m.!!
The best part was that we ran into people we hadn't seen in YEARS!! Unfortunately, that also meant running into people I was glad to not have seen in years!

We still have fun, and we had a night out full of food, drinks, music, and friends.


  1. I hope you were one of the festive outfits? *~_^* I'll bet I can guess one of the unwanted meet-ups... :P

  2. I wore a cute outfit, but i wouldn't call it festive, really. but it wasn't jeans and a tee shirt!! :)
    not sure who you think i saw, though i can't wait to find out, but you don't know the was an old bagel shop customer that youdidn't know. annoying as all get out, and one of those fake people who had to come say hi even though we both would've rather he pretend he didn't see i was doing!!
    see you TOMORROW!!! pretty dress day!

  3. Oh! Haha! I assumed it was from ACK. Silly... Glad you're feeling better! Tomorrow is going to be great fun!