Sunday, December 26, 2010

It must've been Christmas...I got gifts!

I have had to work all week and weekend, and still have to work until New Year's Day...BUT, we did have some activities happening between me going to work. I got up early on the 25th and worked about an hour at the kennel. Then I came home to get Hubby's gifts under the tree and stuff his stocking. Of course, then I was up for another hour or so before he got up, so I was able to blog about our Christmas Eve, and to watch A Christmas Story.
When he finally got up, around 10 a.m. I think, we opened gifts. Once again, my stocking was full of scotch and bourbon nips for me to test. I also got a bottle of Baker's bourbon that I've been wanting to try. I got a funny necklace with a skull on it and a cute pair of earrings. He also got me a book of cocktails, Highballs and High Heels, it's called and my vintage Aunt is going to be covetous of it. I haven't had a chance to really look at it, but I did see 'Classic Champagne Cocktail' which is her new fav drink. I also got, which I forgot I even asked for, a new heart rate monitor. Another toy I have yet to find time to play with.
Uncle got my name for secret santa and got me a 'make your own pinhole camera' kit, which I am dying to check out.
For someone who swore to never travel on Christmas Day, and lounge around and enjoy it, I am exhausted and feel as if it never actually happened. Even now, I am killing a bit of time after eating lunch and having to go back into work for the dinner shift at the kennel! To make it even more sad for me, it's snowing and it's beautiful and I don't want to go out and drive in it.
I am looking forward to my day year!!

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  1. Sounds like you came away with some loverly items! *^_^* I don't blame you; I've been lounging all day. Just don't have the drive to get out of the house. At least you have some sort of motivation to move! :P
    Also, thanks for the advice, as always.