Monday, December 20, 2010


I thought, this morning, while sitting around with some extra time on my hands, that I would get back into posting pics on my flikr account. only problem is...I can't remember how to access it!! I had a yahoo account years ago, but i don't think i used it to set up my flikr. so i tried logging on with google, but then it just sends me to set up an account. I suposse i could just start a new account, since i posted about 5 shots on my original account, but i am sad that it's just out there, lost, feeling abandoned...

oh, and it finally decided to snow last night. it's still snowing now. we have about an inch or so, and it's BEAUTIFUL...but i have to go to work. No dogs to walk this morning, and if not for the diabetic cat (who finally got adopted after over a year, but will not be going home until after the holidays) I wouldn't have to get there until 8!! but he needs his shot, so I will have to make it in by 7:30 this morning. Man, i wish i could walk to work. But even if i could/did, I still am the errand girl and need a car in case i have to go to the store (which i most likely will since the other girl tends not to go...and boy do i love driving in the snow b/c someone else couldn't be bothered to do it all week....sorry...this is how I get in trouble at work...bad girl!!)

better get a move on, then...


  1. Snow can be a pain to work in, I totally agree. But, but, it's soooo pretty! *~_^* Drive carefully! I'm going in today to help sell trees for a few hours. (I'm working for one of the good workers so she can bake cookies with her mom and sis, so I don't mind.)

  2. Same thing happened with me and my Flickr. They changed something -so it is not your fault :)