Thursday, February 3, 2011

a whirlwind of crafting

I pulled the sewing machine out again. And the flannel sheet that I snagged at the kennel way before Thanksgiving...please try to get over the fact that it is: a)a sheet that was donated to an animal hospital (we don't use the sheets that are donated...only blankets and towels); and b)well, the the fact that it's a donated sheet! :)
It is, of course, going more slowly than I would like a project to go. The reason my sewing is so crappy is mainly because I just don't want to put the time into precision. This dress, this fabric.
I cut out the pieces,and still have about half a sheet left. I, big surprise, didn't cut all the pieces I needed, and had to go back and cut a couple more pieces...for the lining for the top. And sewing that part was quite an adventure...'what!? how does this work...I have to pull it do i do that!?' I figured it out, and Voila! a top is created!!
Oh, and the best part...the darts...oh, good grief, why do I do this? Being the clever (lazy) seamstress that I am, I used the hem of the sheet for the hem of the less step, I love it! I even got the darts to look right. And then, I realized I did it inside, out come the scissors, and out come the darts. Pin it all again, and times up...I had to put it all aside for another day.
Another day, like maybe the next day? Meaning, today?
Nope! I was invited to my friends' bakery for a 'knitting circle'. I don't knit...or crochet...or any of those crafty 'making-something-out-of-nothing' things. But, it turned out there was a woman there doing some 'foiling' for jewelry she makes. Anyway, I brought my embroidery stuff. And a skirt I had ruined many years ago. I had a job at a bagel shop, where I was basically a short-order cook, frying up eggs, bacon, Reubens, and all manner of greasy foods. Grease stains don't dye well, for the record. I took my khaki skirt and attempted to dye it black. As I was dying it, I took it out when it got to this fun grey-lavender color.
I decided to embroider something over the stains, to disguise them.
Not too bad, so far, but it's hard to tell where I'm going from here.
Now I have several unfinished projects AND I need to get a move on in the mail art department!
Home by noon tomorrow, gives me plenty of time for arts and crafts.

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  1. I think that they are both stunning beginnings to big projects. Well done!