Wednesday, February 16, 2011

and the hits keep coming

Hubby and I are one of those childless (by choice!) couples who are 'mom and dad' to our pets. I, being the mom, end up doing all the dirty work. Like taking the kids to the doctor. Unfortunately, for the cat, I'm more of a dog person. Moxie is our baby, and Hanzo, though older, is the stepson. At least, that is how it used to be...
This week was supposed to be the 'easy' week. After all the business of the past two weeks, I was hoping for some fun! Instead, after work today, I had to take Moxie to the vet, then run some errands including a stop at town hall for her new license and then over to the garage to drop my car to be serviced tomorrow! I had my front brakes done in May, but it's time for the rear brakes...and I asked that they check the exhaust while it's up. After that it should all be fine and maybe i can get another 100,000 miles on my Chevy before I have to give her up? We'll see.
Anyway, the car is what it need work, and mine has had minimal issues...all routine. So, I try not to complain about it. I'll just be without a car until it's done.
The bad news of the day...the pets.
I try to keep Moxie in tip-top shape. She is only 21 pounds, topping out at 23 one year. I keep her ears clean, her nails trim, and she gets regular baths in the summertime. Most of this is because she's just so good for it all...she just stands there and takes it. Whenever we get pugs in at the vet, the technicians always cringe because they are notorious (there, at least) for being problem children...squirming and trying to bite...they hate having their ears and feet touched. But since I am always 'poking and prodding' (Hubby's words) the pets at home, they don't mind when the vet does it.
ANYWAY (wow, i can really go on tangents sometimes!) Moxie's ear has been especially crusty, and swollen. This is the worst it's been, and it's because I have been neglectful having been so pre-occupied lately. She has mild yeast in one ear and a full-blown infection of all kinds of nasties in her other ear!! Poor thing! The good news: the vet gushed over her! They always do, and I feel so proud to have a well-behaved pet with a sweet disposition and clean fur!
More bad news: Hanzo is acting weird. And he doesn't have the veracious appetite he usually has, and (pardon me for a moment) he hasn't had a BM in a couple days! I offered him some food this evening and he's eating, but I think he may have issues with the stairs now. And pug owners, or people who know pugs, know that there is nowhere safe to put cat food unless it is up out of reach! I hope it is just that though, because I really don't want him to be sick...poor neglected cat!

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