Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hanzo update

My sweet boy seems to be fine, for now. Today was his ultrasound. Lauren shaved his belly and took a look at his insides. Specifically, Dan had been concerned that his kidneys looked larger than the other. Lauren agreed, and asked if she could sedate him to get an aspirate to see if there was anything odd about his kidneys. While she was getting things in order, and Amy and I gave Hanzo his drugs, I found a tiny lump on his side! We also looked at the lump on his leg. After all was said and done and aspirated...everything looks fine.
The kidneys are fine. The lump on the leg IS just a hematoma and should shrink in about a week or so, with the antibiotics he's already (supposed to be) taking. It could be something that was already starting when I originally took him in. It's possible, it's been the problem the whole time, it just got bigger after I pressed on his leg when they drew blood a week ago! The tiny lump I found while I was there is nothing right now, but 'will probably grow into something'. At which point it will probably -hopefully- just turn into something that we can just have removed or he can just live with it. Now, the thing with the lungs, which is what I was most worried about, seems to be nothing to worry about. The lab tech said it's not the same as when a person has a mass in their lungs. In about a month, Lauren wants to do another ultrasound and check the kidneys again, but until then...he's perfectly fine.
The verdict then? It seems his non-existent bowel movements were the result of not eating, which was just because he wasn't feeling well. It could be that there was already something 'brewing' in his leg, which made it painful for him to walk, which led him to stay out of the basement where his food, water, and litter box are.
Unfortunately, now he's still high from the drugs he got today and I am sitting here making sure he doesn't try to go downstairs! Poor guy is spinning and his back legs are useless. He's taking it pretty hard.


  1. Aw glad to hear it was nothing! We took Lucy in a few months ago for a big lump and it was just a lump and she wasn't really eating too much at the time. Now though she is eating a ton and has more energy than ever!

  2. Poor thing! He's been through so much. I'm so happy that it's all looking okay, though! I'll have to come for a visit this month!