Thursday, February 17, 2011

soup pie

Our newest toy is our crock pot that we got for our anniversary (from Hubby's parents). I'm not into crock pot cooking, mostly because my experience has been...well, mushy. Hubby has been using it for pulled pork and that sort of thing. I made soup. His last experiment with pork was using a pork butt shoulder. Surprise! It wasn't what I was expecting. He said, 'should I have the butcher cut it in half?' This was at the grocery store...they had one left and it was the size of my head! I said, 'don't be silly! I can cut it when we get may decide to use the whole thing anyway.' Big mistake. I tore that thing apart...but was not about to throw the bone out, since it was full of meat I couldn't loosen, and I've heard of people using bones for soup...crazy, I know! :)
So, I got out the dry bean mix I'd purchased with no real reason, some time ago. I used the random bits of celery and onions and the one potato we had to round the soup out.
It was good, but the starch from the potato eventually turned this soup into a stew.
Determined to not let it go to waste, I have decided to use the leftovers to make a pork pot pie, of sorts.
This mess, resulted in this
a not too bad looking pie. I added some frozen peas to the mix, and some ground pepper to the bottom crust. It may taste like crap, but we will know for sure tonight!

It has shaped up to be a gorgeous day today. It's got to be near 50 degrees, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and Moxie is soaking up the rays!
She is such a sun worshipper. In the summer, she looks at you like your crazy when you make her come in from outside. Of course, due to the medicine in her ears, she probably can't hear anything, anyway. Poor girl. I feel bad that I let her ears get so bad. The upside, of course, is that I finally switched to the hospital where I's like having insurance! Unfortunately, I have decided to take Hanzo in ASAP (this afternoon, actually) to see why he's acting weird. He's usually eating all the time, but he hasn't been eating much, and now, only if I soften the food with water. He is sleeping under the bed instead of in the basement, too. I pulled his paperwork out from when I adopted him...I knew he was old, but he's THIRTEEN!! I think he's getting to 'that point'. We'll find out today (or soon, anyway). Sad.

In happier new: I was only without my car for a few hours this morning. I dropped it last night to have my rear brakes fixed this morning. I got a call around 9:30-10 a.m. to say they didn't replace my brakes because they were fine...just dirty. They pulled all the stuff out, cleaned and greased it up, and put it back together. When I picked it up, the guy said, 'I rotated your tires while it was up, because it needed it.' Okay, that's fine, I knew I was overdue. I realized when I got home, that they didn't charge me for it! It's only a $28 procedure, but they discounted my bill by that much! I love free stuff! Especially when it's completely unexpected. Now, there is, of course, bad news to go with it. I asked that they take a look at my exhaust while it was up, because I started hearing a rattle underneath, and my gas mileage has gotten kind of bad.
They couldn't find a leak except 'maybe the tiniest leak up front, but nothing too severe'; but, the bracket holding my pipes up have started to loosen. Unfortunately, it's too rusted to fix, and I 'don't want to pay for that repair until it's absolutely necessary'...'that repair' being a completely new exhaust, from front to back! Yuck! Hubby's solution: buy a new car. But, my frugal ways say,'show those bastards who think Cavaliers are disposable that you can get 200,000 miles out of her!!' Okay, 200 is pushing it, but I'm up to 116,000+ and I think I can get close!
That was all very interesting to everyone else, right?!

Well, the pot pie is done and looks gorgeous (well, it's actually a little dark on top, but who cares).
Time to practice my clarinet for a bit, since I have a music date on Saturday.
Then maybe a little French practice with my new Cd's.
Then, after the vet trip, maybe a little arting?
My 'weekends' cause me to forget the days...I imagine a lot of people are just getting through their workweek...planning their own weekend shenanigans?


  1. I like that you are turning the soup into pie :)

    Sorry to hear about Hanzo :) UGH I dread the day I will have to face that with my two!

    Oh and don't even get me started on car repairs!!

  2. Sounds like alot of "adventures" in your life as of late. Hope things calm for you soon! Have you had any time to play with your pinhole camera lately? Mine keep looking at me as if to say, "You promised!" Soon...

  3. @Angela: i hate throwing away leftover ANYTHING! the funny thing about Hanzo, is i never thought i could get so attached to a cat, but he's causing me a lot of stress!! :)
    @Dave: sadly, my pinhole camera is collecting dust on my mantle...though it does have a partially used roll in it, maybe i'll do somethng soon?

  4. Hope so...maybe once the weather is better and your life smooths out a bit...