Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hong Kong: a friendly reminder

So, I'm crap at this blog set up stuff. I am in awe of anyone using anything other than templates and personal photos from their desktop!
But I figured out how to get Erika's Kickstarter do-hickey on my page, so...there it is!
If you haven't watched the video, yet, you should. I tried to put that up, but the widget didn't fit in the space, and as i said, this is not my forte so I went the easy route! Go here to see the vid.
At any rate, even if you can't give, maybe some of YOUR blog readers would be interested...pass it on.
Maybe I'm just being selfish...I want a post card from Hong Kong!! :) the studio! All this excitement for her adventure has got some strange feeling stirring...could it be a little creativity bubbling to the surface? Only one way to find out!
Thanks for the kick in the pants, Erika!!


  1. Thanks so much for all the support! I sooo appreciate it :) Go make some amazing artwork!

  2. one more thing! would you mind sending me a quick email at i have a quick question for you! I didn't see your email address on here.