Monday, February 21, 2011

and so it continues

I know I've already posted today...
and, I hate posting mundane and dreary details, but here's an update on my kitty:
The doctor doing the ultrasound called in sick today. Which means: a)I brought Hanzo in to work for no particular reason; and, b) I have to wait until Thursday morning for more info on his condition.
The doctor who saw him last week, Dan, said the radiologist is calling it 'carcinoma' b/c that is what they always's hard to tell from the x-ray if it is actually cancerous.
Since he was there, at work, Dan called one of the other doctors that was on, Michelle, and asked her to take a look at Hanzo. Michelle and I worked together on Nantucket, and she remembered Hanzo from when he was surrendered. We took another x-ray, because at this point he had developed a lump on his left hind leg. I admitted that it could just be from me 'holding off' when they drew blood the other day, but she wanted to be sure it wasn't a bone issue. Nothing showed in the x-ray, so, was mommy's fault!! A warm compress to the leg to see if the swelling goes down...I feel a bit like a brute now! :(
The good news is that, by bringing him to work, I had a virtually endless supply of foods to offer him, and he was back to his old 'scarfing' eating habit by the time I brought him home at lunch time!
Still not sure that he's drinking enough, but I can always get fluids to bring home, I guess.
The doctors are being very nice to the point where it is almost awkward now, at work...this too shall pass, I guess? :)
Anyway, I am feeling a little more optimistic, having spoken with Dan, face-to-face today. Maybe it's nothing?

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  1. Oh, Jen! My heart aches for you, your DH, Moxie and especially Hanzo. You know how dearly I love your cat. If there is anything I can say or do to help at all, please don't hesitate to say! All you can do is cherish and love him all up every chance you get. Seal had skin cancer (a few bouts of it, actually.) While I realize skin cancer and lumps/fuzziness on x-rays are not the same, keep in mind that recessions can happen. I will send positive thoughts to your dear, sweet Hanzo.