Friday, February 4, 2011

dress making: day 2

After all the pinning, stitching, and ripping out the stitches, I finally got around to sewing the darts properly. Not too shabby.
So, moving right along, I thought I might be right on track to get this dress nearly finished (and maybe all done by the end of the weekend?). Then, as with EVERY time I've ever sewn a dress, I get to that part of the instructions that just don't make sense! This time it was the 'vent' in the back. A part that is probably not even going to be necessary because of the length of the dress, and how it's going to fit (it won't be a wiggle dress that is so tight I will have to shuffle my feet to walk!).
Sew it closed, cut this here, press this there, remove that stitch...I mean, come on! 'As shown' means nothing here, because even the picture is confusing and doesn't make sense. I just can't wrap my brain around how this works out in the end. So I did what any normal person would do...I skipped that part, and will just figure it out after the whole dress is assembled and I can visualize how it should look. I imagine I will just sew it right up the, slit.
More to come, I'm hoping to finish it up this weekend!

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  1. Keep in mind that, when stuck, you have a sister and an aunt that are adept seamstresses. *~_^* I'm excited to see it, nevertheless.