Wednesday, February 9, 2011

not again!!

Okay, I am a gluten for punishment, for sure. Why...why, oh, why...why do i continue to try sewing?? The whole thing is just a mess of threads, crooked stitches, and patterns cut as if by some drunk!!
This time around I thought, 'I got this!' I was even going to buy a zipper foot, since that part is generally the hardest part for me. Would you believe, I couldn't find one!? The fabric store did not have one. They had an 'invisible zipper foot', for invisible I bought that. It is a package of 4 different attachments for 3 different types of machines. Guess who is in possession of a machine that fits NONE of those feet!? My luck, of course.
'Oh, well,' I think to myself. 'I've done this before, here we go again using the regular foot for a zipper. Only this time, after the second time all the thread got all jammed up in the bottom bobbin (whatever that part of the machine is called?), I yanked and cut and threw the dress back into my 'sewing bag', put away my machine, and grabbed a beer and the computer.
I guess I have two options now:
1. try the fabric store again and see if they got any zipper feet (foots?) in yet; or
2. hand sew the zipper.
I will probably try hand sewing the zipper while watching TV tonight, because sewing makes me very impatient and I am at that point where I just want it to be done and over.

In the meantime, all of this sewing has kept me for practicing my clarinet, planning dinner and a grocery list, and my many mail art projects.

What have I learned from all of this? That I know why I had put aside sewing for awhile, and that I will likely not abandon it forever, even if I feel like it now! :)
(no progress pics...too frustrated today)


  1. I don't really like to sew. Too much work! I can do straight lines but I would never attempt a zipper or buttons -- and I usually have some kind of jam or machine problem that pisses me off anyway. I have come to the conclusion that I like the thought of sewing but not the act.

  2. I'm going to be that person. You know? The person who likes to correct spelling errors?
    Here goes:
    I think your food career has interfered with your post. Gluten is a wheat-thing. You mean glutton.
    As far as hand-stitching a zipper (which I know you didn't do, because I'm reading blogs backwards through time...), unless you're really good at hand-stitching, I wouldn't recommend it. If I tried that, it would be bunchy and, as soon as I would attempt to zip up, it would probably tear. :P

  3. @renee...HA! i guess i've been at t.j.'s too long...everything is about gluten-free!! heehee. AND...i don't know if you mis-read, or i mis-typed, but i did, in fact, HAND SEW my zipper on this most recent dress. and it's my new favorite method...i just have to get the lining up correct next time (yes, I said 'next time' and my GLUTTONy!)

  4. !! Wow! Really?! Kudos to you! Hand-stitching is a very big no no for me. :P