Thursday, February 10, 2011

done, and done

Sheet to dress #3: done.
here is a closer look at just how awful I am at the zipper thing.
I don't know why this picture uploaded as a vertical instead of horizontal, but the point is that it's all bulky and ugly...
What's even better than that? How I just can't seem to match up the sides when I sew the zipper in!! It's hilariously crooked, and it's going to stay that way...I can't imagine anyone looking closely enough at the back of my dress to realize it, anyway.
And this is how it looks hanging up...I honestly haven't even tried it on yet...I literally finished the zipper (hand-sewn) and threw the dress on the sewing machine, and went to make dinner.
front back

Today, I skipped my friend's knitting circle to get some stuff done. I'm nearly finished getting my taxes together, and now I can get to work on my valentines!

Anyone out there celebrate February 14?


  1. Valentines!? OMG that is Monday! I had better get with it or I'm in trouble....

  2. Can't wait to see the dress on you! It looks darling. And don't worry, zippers aren't an easy thing.