Friday, February 25, 2011

HEY! It's Friday!

With a short month coming to an end (and the mortgage being due again already), Hubby's job being in a state of uncertainty, and us owing some taxes (because one of my jobs didn't take any federal taxes out all year) was probably not the best idea to give up one of my shifts at Trader Joe's this week. But I did it anyway...because it was a Saturday, which means I get another 'family day' with Hubby and the 'kids'.
Unfortunately, I am actually wishing for this kind of day...
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a good rainstorm/thunderstorm, but I am definitely feeling that 'spring fever' I've heard so much about.

I will hopefully get to spend some time in the studio, though. Everyone around me seems to be doing great things, and I'm so far behind on creating anything, that is...well, a little sad.
Sad, like this :
Aww...a pug in jail!
Okay, I'm getting silly thinking about the upcoming glass of wine!!
oh...I finally finished my third roll of film from the pinhole camera...we'll see what develops sometime this weekend!


  1. Pug jail.. my pugs have their cages.. :) I mean kennels. When it's time for their cages one of my pugs runs and hides and then lies very still behind the couch. :) They are so smart.

    UGH I hate taxes and we owe this year and it hurts to write the government a check. :(

  2. @Erika...the funny thing is, she's just at the end of our bed. she looks sad b/c i woke her up! :)