Sunday, April 5, 2009

My new love and why we shall never be together

Last night I did something I rarely do. I (and hubby) drove to my sister's house for dinner. Does she live far away? Not really. Just about 30-40 minutes away; but, she lives in a town that is just a little off my usual beaten path. What I mean to say, is that you can't just get off the highway and be there. The bulk of the trip has to be made using side roads which cannot be driven at 60-65 mph, thus making it seem like a long trip.
At any rate, we made the journey to have a lovely homemade dinner of bar-b-q'ed ribs, garlicky mashed potatoes, baked beans (regular AND vegetarian), cornbread, pea salad, and sangria. ALL made from scratch (minus the store bought wine). It was a nice gathering of about 9 people. She and Auntie have a regular 'vintage' dinner on Saturdays where they swap off, alternating who cooks. This week they wanted to learn poker and so hubby and I attended with a couple cases of chips from our usual Tuesday game stash.
It was a bit too silly to be considered a real game of poker, as everyone just kept betting even though they had no idea what was going on. In the end, 3 of us just decided that was enough...two of the boys had split most of the chips and I had about 20 left.
Once the math of side pots came into play, we decided it was time for Rock Band on the ol' xbox. I was just gonna watch them play a song or two and then go home. But one thing led to another and BAM! I was in it until either someone dragged me out the door or my hands fell off. We came closest to the latter around 10:30.
I have the old fashioned xbox that you can't find games for (good games) unless you go on ebay or wherever you can get them used. So what did I do this morning? I got on ebay to see about buying an xbox 360! Do I need this? NO. Should I have this? NO. If I get that game I will NEVER get anything done. I mean, I love it so much I had to blog about it!
I was able to live my dream as a member of an all girl rock band last night...I slept like a baby!

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