Saturday, April 11, 2009

a day in...a night out

Today I worked. It was the flip side to last Saturday where I got my ...well, it was very busy last week. Today, not so much. In fact, during the last hour, one person came in. He asked me for directions to the veterinary office. I, of course, told him, then wished I had offered him a cup of coffee to stay and chat a bit. I got some reading done, though it is hard to really get into a book when you are startled by every noise that could be someone coming in and actually wanting to buy something. I got more bad news about the employee situation. The gist being: someone may or may not have been fired; and, someone else will be putting her foot down as far as how many days she will actually work. This, of course, is just all bad news for me, as I am still unable to get that extra day off to really dive into my etsy project. It is falling by the way-side, which I was so hoping I could avoid. It may be time for me to just quit my job and go looking for something else, as I just don't know how much more I can take of this getting jerked around...but I am not here to bitch about my job/boss/situation.

An interesting (well, we'll call it interesting for lack of a better term) thing happened this morning. One of the delivery guys came in, and I knew that I had not placed an order, so I was instantly curious. He had come in for coffee. Okay, not so strange. But then he says, 'I'm coming back for you.' To which I replied, 'I think not', as I assumed he meant he was bringing me a delivery later...which I had not ordered. He laughed and asked when I got out of work, what I was doing afterward ('going home,' I replied), and then did I live alone. And so I said, 'no, I'm married.' It was awkward, and now I have another reason to not want to go to work...just what I needed!

One the other side of the day, that being 'night', we are planning on going out! Yippee. I'm not a fan of 'out' but I do it once in awhile to remind people that I do, indeed, exist. Our friend's band is playing at a local restaurant. We have seen him play there before, so tonight we've decided to go early for dinner. What a treat. It also looks like several of our friends will also be there, so it should turn out to be a fun night.

So I guess I had better start looking for something to wear...well, something that is appropriate for being in the outside world. Guess these sweats will have to be put aside for now.

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