Saturday, April 25, 2009

The good with the bad

A week from now I will be waking up in Ohio. Specifically, in my in-laws' house. Hubby and I needed to get away from our jobs...FAR AWAY...but are not in any position to take a proper vacation. And his parents have been begging us to come visit (even though they are on the Cape for 2 weeks every September). So we gave in, they paid for the plane tickets, and we are preparing for an extended weekend out of town. We are having a friend pet-sit for us, which also means he will be house-sitting, since it is also an opportunity for him to get out of his house (which he shares with 7 other people) for awhile.
Preparing our house for a guest isn't that easy for me. I don't mind if my house is dusty or there are dishes in the sink. But if someone else is going to be staying here, I need it clean. I have been scrubbing floors, dusting, vacuuming, washing name it...all between work and other daily activities. Today, of course, I am taking a break to go play with my sister, but tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful here, so we are planning a yard day. Not as in 'sit out and sip lemonade and play croquet'...finish mowing, raking leaves, and a few trips to the dump, instead.
Upon our return home, however, I am starting my new schedule. I have finally managed my 4-day workweek. Hubby has returned to the workforce, as well, with a similar schedule. Hopefully I can align myself with his 'at home' work schedule and get my stuff done while he is working on his stuff! Pre-made schedule! Of course, I'll have to throw in menu planning, shopping, and cleaning, but I don't think I'll have too much trouble.

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