Sunday, April 19, 2009

It seems that Sundays are the only days I can actually find time to sit and post a blog. Or maybe it is that I just don't have anything of interest to blog about on a daily basis? Yes, that is probably more accurate.

Well, today is really no exception. I felt weird all day having stayed in bed until about 9am. Even now, 11 hours later, I am still trying to wrap my head around why on Earth I would stay in bed so late. It wore on me all day and I felt like I would get nothing done. Well, I did get the work I wanted to get done for work. The problem? The task I had set for myself was to print up an 'employee handbook' of sorts. I got it all typed out, went downstairs to print it all out, and pulled out pages of blurry, spotty nonsense. No ink in the printer!

[The above entry was started Sunday. I then ran out of time, as I needed to make dinner and then my day was over. Time for bed so that I could be awake to go into Day 3 of training my new co-worker. I will just continue on with today...Monday...]

My new help is working out great. She's a joy to have around, she works hard and she is nice to customers. She catches on quickly and I like talking to her.
Hubby and I are all set to take an extended weekend getaway to Akron, Ohio during the first weekend in May. We have not had a proper vacation in over 3 years, but are in need of some time far away from our jobs and responsibilities. So, we are spending a couple days with his parents. I am looking forward to it, especially now that I know my shifts will be covered without causing too much grief for others. I can tell you, though, that it will be very difficult to return to work.

I have decided that with my extra day off during the week I am going to be better about things that I let fall to the wayside. My hope was to be able to promote my etsy shop a lot more, and that would mean, also, that I could spend more time with my blog. I would love to make it more interesting and, oh I don't know, get a few more readers?? I come across such great things while I am killing time between chores, and I want to be able to explore these things more deeply and then share them with others. It is my hope that I can focus my energies on these things, which in turn should inspire me in my own work.

Step one: get downstairs to clean and organize that studio!!


  1. How difficult it is to get motivated to organize a work space! I understand all too well. *~_^* For once it's organized, you'd have to get down to work. We all like to think that that's exactly what we'd want, but, in my experience, it's an excuse to laze about. I like being lazy...which, of course, is why I won't be famous until I fix that state of mind. Food for thought. *^_^*

  2. Oh! By the way, if you need a model for any of your work, let me know if I can be of any service. I just did some pictures with Steph and wouldn't mind coming over on a Sunday to help with that.